Is Sex Safe During 9 Months Pregnant?

When you've reached the 9-month mark in your pregnancy, you're probably excited, nervous, and ready to meet your little one. With all the shopping, washing, and baby proofing you've been doing, you might have neglected your own needs. While having sex is considered safe even at 9 months pregnant, you might be cautious before you do the did. Will sex while 9 months pregnant trigger labor and how safe is it? Read on to learn more.

Is Sex While 9 Months Pregnant Safe?

Many couples worry about how safe it is to have sex once they find out they are pregnant. While this is a common and natural worry, you will be relieved to know that you won't poke your baby when you have intercourse even at 9 months pregnant. There is nothing that proves having sex while pregnant is dangerous or unsafe in a healthy pregnancy, so there should be no reason for you to stop enjoying sex when you are pregnant. Your baby will not be poked or even disturbed by the penis since it is safely sealed in a bag of water. This bag or sac severs as a protective layer for your baby as it grows and it will be safe from infections which is also sealed off in the womb by the mucus plug located at the end of the cervix. Even at 9 months pregnant it would be impossible for the penis to break through this protective barrier. Don't be alarmed if you notice your baby is more active after sex. This is not because you have damaged or hurt it, this is because your heart rate goes up during sex.

Your doctor may, however, advise you to refrain from having sex under some rare special circumstances. If there is a history of miscarriages, premature labor, or placenta praevia, then your doctor may recommend as a precautionary measure not to have sex during your pregnancy.

What Positions Are Recommended for Sex While 9 Months Pregnant?

1. On-top

The woman on top position can be a great position since the baby bump won't be in the way. This position also allows you to support yourself more comfortably with your partner's help. The woman also has more control in this position, being able to adjust the speed and depth of penetration which can lead to a much more intense orgasm.

2. Spoon position

You can use a pillow to help support your baby bump in the position with ease. Here you lie on your side and your partner lies next to you, so he is facing your back. From here, they can enter from behind while you also manually stimulate yourself. This position can be more intimate even though you don't make eye contact and can lead to a longer, more gentle session.

3. Man on top

If you prefer the man on top position, consider using your bed as a support while they stand over top you. You can use pillows again to help prop you up to be at the perfect height for penetration. As your baby bump gets bigger, this may not be the best position as you might be applying too much pressure on your back from laying down.

4. Seated position

Make sure you have a sturdy chair to use for this or you can use the bed as well. This position is similar to woman on top but your partner is sitting either at the edge of the bed or in a chair. Sex while 9 months pregnant safe, if you find the right position and this could be the right one for you.

More Tips You Would Like to Follow for Sex During Pregnancy

  • If either of you is uncomfortable about having sex during the pregnancy, talk about it. You can always come up with some other adult activities to do that will satisfy both of you, which do not involve intercourse.
  • In the second trimester, know that your breast can leak. If your guy likes to play with your breasts during sex, this is one thing you want them to be aware of so they don't freak out when it occurs.
  • You may go through periods of not wanting sex. While most women see a boost in their sex drive, some women will experience the opposite. Don't worry it will come back, your sex drive will go through highs and lows during and after your pregnancy because of the changes in your blood flow.
  • Uterine contractions can occur after sex which is perfectly normal. While having an orgasm during sex won't cause premature labor, they will cause uterine contractions which can last for a few minutes after sex.
  • During your third trimester, it is more common for there to be spotting after sex. This is due to the increase in blood volume, which is usually nothing to be concerned about.
  • If you are partaking in oral sex, be sure your partner is careful not to blow any air into the vagina. This air can create an air bubble that enters the bloodstream which can result in a blocked blood vessel which is harmful to you and your baby.
  • Is sex while 9 months pregnant safe if your water breaks? No! If your water has broken, get directly to the hospital! Having sex after your water breaks can increase the chance of infections.
  • Get some quickies in! You might not be comfortable enough to have sex for very long when you are 9 months pregnant, so quickies can be enough to satisfy yours and your partner's needs.
  • Have fun! Role play, striptease, lubrication, and even keeping your clothes on are all new ways you can have sex even when you're pregnant. Keep the spark alive in the bedroom and try something new and fun.
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