How Can You Kiss Passionately with Your Braces?

People who wear braces often look concerned about the fact that they cannot kiss someone else with braces on. Luckily, you do not need to worry at all because you can learn how to kiss with braces without experiencing any problem. While it is obvious to have questions about how it feels to kiss someone with braces or what are the dangers of kissing with braces, it does not have to be that difficult at all. If you just follow some simple tips, you will do just fine.

8 Tips to Help You Learn How to Kiss with Braces

For most part, you just need to consider the same things as you usually do when you kiss someone without braces. There are certain additions to those techniques though. Here is a bit more about it.

1. Wait Some Time

If your partner has just gotten braces, it is a good idea to give some time off to get used to the metal in his/her mouth. It takes time to learn how to brush, eat, or do other tasks with braces. So, do not rush into things or you will make things worse.

2. Keep Your Breath Fresh

Always keep your breath fresh before trying French kissing. This one rule applies to everyone, with or without braces. Keeping your breath fresh will always make it easier for both of you to continue with a kiss.

3. Try the Close-Lipped Kisses First

For the first few days after getting the braces, you can try the close-lipped kisses with your partner. Even if it has been quite some time, you should still start slow when you are kissing someone with braces. For better experience, moisturize and soften your lips an hour or two before kissing.

4. Be Gentle

Always press your lips gently against your partner's lips. If you do it too fast or hard, you may end up hurting your partner or yourself as well. Always start slow then gradually enhance the passion using your lips when you get comfortable the braces. If you use your lips properly, you really do not always need the full-on tongue kiss to generate passion.

5. Avoid the Braces

Make sure to keep your tongue away from the braces. This is very important to master how to kiss with braces. You know your partner wears braces, so it is important for both of you to open your mouths enough to touch each other's tongue without getting stuck on the braces. It is not that easy of course but you will get used to eat with time.

6. Use Your Tongue

Add more passion to it once you know your tongues are safely inside each other's mouths. You can explore your partner's mouth more passionately once your tongue is positioned away from braces. You can move your tongue up and down or move it in circles to enjoy the sensation.

7. Apply Dental Wax

Make use of dental wax to make kissing easier and safer too. If you wear braces, you can simply apply some wax on the braces to ensure that your partner does not get his/her lips cut while kissing you. If you apply enough wax, your partner may not even feel you have braces.

8. Relax

Above all, you need to relax when you are kissing someone who wears braces or you wear braces yourself. If you just keep worrying about your braces, you are never going to enjoy your kiss and may even make it a bad experience. Just follow abovementioned points and relax your nerves to fully enjoy the kissing.

FAQs About Kissing With Braces

While some people want to know how to kiss with braces without sacrificing any pleasure, they also want to know about certain myths and issues associated with it. Here are some frequently asked questions with answer to help you understand more about kissing with braces.

1. Is It Any Different to Kiss Someone with Braces and Without Braces?

Yes, it may feel different and you may even feel uncomfortable doing it for the very first time. The thought of cutting your lips or your partner's lips when you are wearing the braces is always on your mind. When you are new, you can definitely hurt yourself, especially when you do not move slowly. Just relax your mind, start with lips-on-lips, and slowly move ahead to make it a pleasurable experience.

2. Am I Going to Look Unattractive If I Wear Braces?

While braces have been considered weird or awkward for a long time, they do not make you look unattractive. Things are changing quickly and with more and more people wearing braces, it is no longer considered that weird either. Still, if someone thinks you look unattractive with braces, there is definitely no reason to lock lips with such freaks.

3. Can I French Kiss My Partner When I Wear Braces?

Of course, you can. You just need to be careful in the beginning, but once you know how to move, it becomes easy to French kiss your partner. It is still a good idea to avoid too much tongue sucking and probing when you two still do not know much about how to kiss with braces.

4. Is It Possible to Lock Braces with My Partner?

If both of you wear braces and want to have a perfect French kiss, it is quite natural to worry about getting braces locked together. While it may look possible in theory, it does not work that way in reality. After all, you are wearing braces, not magnets. Still, on rare occasions, people experience brace malfunction, like brackets fall off, wires get loose, etc. Just avoid putting too much pressure on the braces and you will be fine.

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