How to Turn Yourself On

There are times when you feel like having sex and other times when you just don't feel like it at all. Fortunately, there are ways as to how to turn yourself on when you want to. You can increase your libido just by changing some unhealthy habits, reading a sexy book, changing your diet, and going to bed at an earlier hour.

How to Turn Yourself On

Women especially have problems turning themselves on. They just don't have the libido so much like men have. Here are some ways that a woman can use to get turned on:

1.  Use Senses

You can use your senses to stimulate your libido.

  • ŸTaste. Using your sense of taste can feel a bit like having a fetish. But it doesn't mean to taste something on your body. Just move your hands all over your body, with putting your fingers on your lips. There are many nerve endings on your lips, so touch it and find the most sensitive parts on them.
  • ŸTouch. Lie down in some place that is comfortable, such as a bathtub or couch. Take off your clothing and touch your body all over the most sensitive areas of the body, including the breasts, neck, and genitals. Do this while watching a racy movie and you will feel turned on very easily.
  • ŸSight. You can watch a movie or show that contains nudity. You can do this with your television or with your laptop. There are web sites that can turn you on even if you don't feel like this will happen. Movies about sex are especially helpful in learning how to turn yourself on.
  • ŸSound. Lie down on your bed or couch and close our eyes. Play a movie that arouses you in the background. Listen to the sounds of people making love in the movie, all the while moving your hands all over your body. When you hear the sounds of others making love, this can really turn you on, especially if you allow yourself to use your imagination in the process. If you are starting to feel it, breathe deeply and slowly, and touch your sensitive spots. Let yourself moan naturally: Hear yourself being sexual and you will be turned on in no time.
  • ŸSmell. In order to set the right mood, light some incense that will allow you to soak into the sensual smell of these exotic fragrances. You can also massage yourself with massage oils that have a special smell. Choose a smell you like and that makes you feel sexual. Some good fragrances you can try include chocolate, orange blossom, leather, lavender, and musk. These will relax you and will increase the experience of feeling sensual.

2.  Stimulate Brain

The brain is the organ most associated with a woman's sexual libido. Let your mind go free and use as much fantasy as you can in order to learn how to turn yourself on. You can just think about one guy that you are fascinated. Once your brain is on board, sex will naturally follow in a healthy and sensual way.

3.  Change Diet

You can eat in ways that improve your sensuality. Foods such as peanut butter, bananas, and honey all contain high levels of vitamin B, which boosts your natural libido. You can eat peanut butter with a celery stalk or try toast containing peanut butter and bananas sliced onto the toast for better sensuality.Celery contains androsterone, which also stimulates the female to feel sensual.

4.  Choose Time

There are certain times in the menstrual cycle when you feel more like having sex than others. Do you know when it will happen? You are more likely to have a high libido right around ovulation, so choose this time to feel more turned on. This is a hormonal issue that you can capitalize on, so you can enjoy sex more during these times.

5.  Dim Light

Make sure the lights are as dim as possible as this will increase your sensuality and will make you feel not embarrassed when learning how to turn yourself on. Use a small lamp with a dim watt bulb to set the stage for feeling very sexual and ready for sex. This allows you to see your body in a comfortable light, not like that when you had all the lights turned on.

6.  Try Sexting

You can get turned on by actively seeing sex as an intentional thing. Know that you are sexy and sensual and share this sensuality with your sexual partner. Tell your partner what things turn you on and share your fantasies with him. Do some sexting to get your partner turned on before he gets home from work, so you can get right to it when he arrives. Don't be shy about telling your partner what it is that you are looking for in sex. Sexting with your partner can be really fun and interesting. Be sure you erase the messages if anyone can otherwise observe them.

7.  Have Anonymous "Sex" in Chat Rooms

Remember sex in chat rooms should be completely anonymous and don't ever share your face or body parts on line.Still, you can do a lot without pictures.Find an anonymous party to talk dirty with and touch yourself in the process. This may sound kind of freaky, but it does work and there is usually no real exposure of yourself to others when you do this.


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