How to Be Mentally Strong


Mental strength is an attribute to be developed in life just as physical strength. As some exercises can help to develop physical strength, there are "exercises" you can do to make yourself mentally strong. Below are 14 effective and tested methods worth a try and help you handle life with poise and grace.

How to Be Mentally Strong—14 Methods to Make It

1. Breathing Tricks

This isn't the automatic breathing that you do whether awake or sleeping. This is the deliberate inhaling and exhaling to help you relax. Deep breathing will relieve tension, refresh your body with oxygen, and help you focus with clear thought. Begin your day with three deep, slow breaths to stimulate good circulation and keep you on an even keel all day.

2. Exercise

Another good day to figure out how to be mentally strong is certain exercises to get your heart pumping and clear your mind to face the day's challenges. Any form of exercise will do, but it's preferable to do it in the fresh air. Walking, jogging, swimming, golfing (skip the golf cart), gardening, biking, skating, or programmed exercises such as Pilates will benefit both body and mind.

3. Proper Nutrition

The food you eat nourishes your brain as well as the rest of your body—or not. Your car won't run on inferior fuel, so don't expect your body to run on inferior foods. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nuts, with minimal sugars and unhealthy fats, will keep your body and brain operating in peak condition.

4. Laughter

A merry heart really is good medicine. Even if your day, or your year, is going from bad to worse, try to find something to laugh about. Try to know how to be mentally strong? Watch a silly sit-com, go to the zoo, or even look in the mirror! A hearty laugh will make you breathe deeply and improve your outlook. Finding the funny in each day will strengthen you mentally.

5. Imagine

This isn't lazy daydreaming. This is imagining yourself as having accomplished things you are seeking for. See yourself in that dream job, see your name in lights, or on that book cover, in that new home, new car, on that dream vacation. The more you visualize having achieved your goal, the closer you will come to actually achieving it.

6. Use It or Lose It

This is true of mental acuity as well as physical strength. Mentally strong people use their brains, whether at work, solving a tough problem, or doing a puzzle. Your brain is a muscle that must be exercised daily or it will atrophy. Memorization is a great way to exercise your brain. Whether it's your grocery list or a poem, memorizing is an excellent mental exercise.

7. Keep Calm

If you want to seek for methods for how to be mentally strong, you will need to learn keeping calm. Practice remaining calm under trivial conditions, such as snarled traffic, rude people, or slow check-out lines, then it will be easier to remain calm under more trying circumstances. Remaining level-headed is a very important trait in an emergency, if you can keep your wits when others are losing theirs.

8. Difficult Things First

Whether it's a hated household chore, an unpleasant phone call to make, or a negative personality trait you're working to change, do the difficult things first. It feels so good to get the dreaded task done and over with. The rest of your day will go easier and you'll feel good about yourself that you had the self-discipline to tackle the hard job first.

9. Write It Down

If you have a specific goal to accomplish, whether it is just for today, or for your lifetime, write down the specific steps you need to take to reach your goal. As you complete each task or step, cross it off. You'll be able to see your progress, which will give you the needed incentive to push ahead to reach your goal.

10. Partner Up

It is so helpful to have someone to hold you accountable and to cheer you on. Choose someone who you can depend on to motivate you in a positive manner, someone who will offer truly constructive criticism, and who will cheer you up on down days. Choose a partner who is a mentally tough person, so you can learn from them.

11. Tough It Out

No one really enjoys having a bad day. Whether you deal with chronic pain, the occasional financial setback, a leaky roof, or rude customers, if you learn to handle these bumps in life's road with finesse, you'll be better prepared for real calamity. When you can learn to deal with life's daily issues sensibly, you'll be learning how to be mentally strong.

12. Replace Negative Thoughts

View potential situations as challenges rather than problems. Never allow your mind to dwell on negative thoughts. When one creeps into your mind, immediately replace it with a positive thought. See yourself as a weak failure and you'll be one. See yourself as a mentally strong person, and you'll succeed.

As soon as a negative thought pops into your mind, chase it out with a positive thought. Change "I can't" to "I'll try," or "That'll never happen" to "I'll give it my best shot." There may be things you can't ever do, but hiding from life because you're afraid to try just isn't acceptable. Keep a positive attitude.

13. Set Goals

If you want to learn how to be mentally strong, just try to set goals. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds, want to learn to play the flute, or want to start your own business, establish goals for yourself. Write them down and post them where you'll see them every day. Repeat them over and over to yourself. When you reach one milestone, cross it off your list. The progress you make will inspire you to keep going.

14. Maintain Balance

Mentally strong people experience emotions just like everyone else. They just don't live by them. They know when to feel emotion and when to be logical. It's OK to be sad, to feel lonely or discouraged, just don't let those feelings rule your life. Even being too excited can color your judgment. A mentally strong person will learn how to balance feelings with logic.

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