11 Kissing Techniques for Men to Be a Good Kisser

No lady will ever appreciate a guy who barely knows how to kiss. Regardless of how many kisses you have had as a man, you can always become better at the art of kissing. If you appreciate a good relationship, then kissing is an art that you should perfect. With a good kiss, you will definitely arouse the love emotion and create a connection with her. If you have had a bad kiss in the past, take heart and here we serve 12 kiss tips for guys that really help.

11 Kissing Tips for Guys to Be a Good Kisser

  1. Have a high level of oral hygiene. This is especially important when you are going out with a lady. In order to ensure that your breath is fresh, brush your teeth before leaving the house, avoid eating foods with onions and chew some gum on your way to the date. Bad breath spoils the entire kissing experience for the girl.
  2. Smell fresh. Kissing is an intimate affair. If you had a shower in the morning, running errands throughout the day will make you sweaty. You might not notice it but the lady will notice and definitely detest it. Have a shower just before going out on the date.
  3. Get some privacy. When going on a date that you will probably get to the kissing point, ensure that you get some privacy. If you were in the company of your friends, you will need some excuse to get along. Kissing in front of other people is not a comfortable issue, not unless there is no seriousness in the relationship. If you are looking forward to a serious relationship, heed to this and the other kissing tips for guys.
  4. Go with the flow. Some literature might suggest that as a guy you should first ask the lady if she is willing to kiss. This is not true. If the girl likes you, she will not resist a kiss from you. Therefore, when you feel that the moment is right, reach out to her but if she pulls away, do not force it.
  5. Feel the moment, and close your eyes. Kissing is an emotional act. Therefore, keep your eyes closed. If you don't do this and the lady finds your eyes open, she feels weird and pulls away for thinking that you are not enjoying the moment.
  6. Just don't open your mount at the start. One way to show that you are mature during a kissing moment is leaning forward for a kiss with your mouth closed. Otherwise, it would appear as though you still have some growing to do, which would definitely destroy the potential of a kiss.
  7. Follow the passion, yet do not be too forceful. At times kissing will be forceful and at other times, it will be soft. Yet, try not being too forceful because kissing is a moment for you two. You need to learn to feel the girl's passion, which should determine the kiss. Ensure that the lady is comfortable during the moment.
  8. Add some touch to the kiss. As you engage in a kiss, it is okay to touch the girl's hair, neck or face. However, this touch should not be for the purpose of changing the position of the girl's head. This touch is romantic and is definitely one of the good kissing tips for guys even during the first kiss.
  9. Limit the use of your tongue. Using the tongue during a kiss is usually a nice thing but it is not recommended for your first kiss. Even when you include the tongue in a kiss, never push it too much deep into the girl's mouth. Just don't dive in your girl's mouth.A kiss is not some cuisine you've been longing for that you should just explore to feed your appetite. Just be slow your pace and be sexy.
  10. Don't be sloppy. While mashing the lips of your two using the tongue, it will lead to quite a huge amount of saliva. This situation is similar to a dog playing around with something like a tennis ball. It would be a sure way of getting the girl disinterested in any further kissing.
  11. Don't suck! For the first time, sucking or biting a girl's lips, no matter how gentle it is, is a no, no. Such an action during a kissing moment can elicit a terrible thought such as being at a dentist or any other. Never try to be unique by using this technique.

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