Lubricants for Intercourse

To maximize sexual pleasure, use lubricants. They tend to make sexual activities more fun, exciting, slippery and even sensual. If you want to make sex more interesting or you want to explore using sex toys, lubricants make it much easier for you. In the case of temporary dryness, lubricants come in handy.

When selecting lubricants for intercourse, there are various brands available and some can interfere with some sex toys or even contraceptives. Lubricants can be broadly grouped into 3 categories - oil based, silicone based and water based. As for irritation, any of them can cause irritation, it is therefore advisable to test the lubricant on the inner labia. If you feel any form of irritation or burning sensation wash off with mild soap.

How to Choose Lubricants for Intercourse

The three types of lubricants for intercourse are:

Water Based Lubricants

These are the all-purpose lubes. They do not react with sex toys or any contraceptives and are easy to wash off. They are designed to cause no irritation, but some contain glycerin that might cause yeast infection. There are many types and some are flavored and others edible but contain sugar that encourages yeast growth so flavored lubes are not recommended for intercourse. Water based lubes dry up fast, but this can be easily solved by adding water or saliva. Brand examples include K-Y Ultra Gel and Liquid Silk.

Silicone Based Lubricants

Silicone lubes last longer compared to water based but they are harder to wash off. They work well with latex contraceptives and sex toys that do not contain silicone. Silicone based lube cannot be used with sex toys that contain silicone because of silicone-on-silicone reactions. Most women react to silicon so it is important to test it first. Brand examples include Überlube and Pjur Woman Bodyglide.

Oil Based Lubricants

These lubes are not recommended for use where latex contraceptives or rubber toys are involved. However, they are great for hand jobs. They are an option for people in exclusive relationships and do not use any latex contraceptives. Nevertheless, their thick texture makes them messy and difficult to use.

Consider Safety and Comfort

Your comfort and safety are the primary things you should consider when selecting lube. Comfort depends on your pleasure. How long the lube last dictates how good the sex feels and whether or not it is irritating your labia. Safety points to your health. Oil-based lubes are not safe with latex contraceptives as they breakdown the latex and cause them to fail.

How to Use Lubricants for Intercourse

Once you have identified the lubricant that works best for you (after testing), make sure it is close when you and your man start getting naughty. Pour some on your palm (the size of a coin) and warm it by rubbing your hands together, then spread it on his penis starting from the tip to the shaft. Have him do the same by applying it on your genitals. After fooling around, when he is ready to go in, pour some on his condom and you can enhance the sensation by adding a little more on the tip before penetration. Whenever you feel like you are drying up, pause for a minute and add more. However, be sure not to put too much as you might be too slippery and the sensation will be lost. In case of anal sex, make sure you use lube that is designed for anal penetration. Always use lube for anal sex to make sure you do not damage the rectum tissues since it does not produce its natural lube. Do not use desensitizing lubricants for anal sex as you will not know when the sex is too much or too rough.

Tips for Better Sex with Lubricant

  • To have more fun with lubricants for intercourse, you can buy freezable lube and let it chill in the freezer for 2 hours before using it. The cold liquid increases skin sensitivity. Rub the cold lube on each other’s hot spots and heighten the sensation.
  • When the lube is a lot, it creates a platform for both of you to climax since it mimics natural wetness. However, when it is too much, it can cause slippage. To handle this, assume the missionary position and lay one leg on his shoulder or both of them. This will tighten the vagina and reduce slippage.
  • For oral sex, try out flavored lube. This will make it much easier for you to pleasure him with a sweet taste that is slippery all through. It is important to note that flavored lubes are not recommended for intercourse. Wash it off before penetration.
  • If you want to get naughty in the tub, shower or pool, try silicone lubricants for intercourse. Water based lubes get washed off and you might get dry despite the fact that you are in water. Silicone lasts longer and it is water proof.
  • Use finger tips to apply lube on your partner’s hot spots to avoid messing up the sheets and the floor. 
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