Period Bleeding Through Pants

Every woman will experience periods. A period is where a bleeding from the uterus is released through the vagina. This occurs, approximately, every 28 days and is part of a woman’s menstrual cycle. During a woman’s period, bleeding through the pants can commonly occur. Below are some tips to help to prevent this embarrassing incident from happening.

Period Bleeding Through Pants: How to Prevent

Period bleeding through pants is common in young girls as they are adapting to their menstrual cycle. This can lead to much embarrassment and concern, but there are ways to lower its frequency of occurrence.

1. Apply Pads Correctly

Ensuring to apply your pad correctly will ensure the efficiency of the pad. For proper guidance, follow the instructions provided with the product, making sure that the pad covers the correct area and is secured within your underwear. The winds on your pad should be tightly secured to your underwear to avoid it slipping from its proper position. Besides, it is important to remember to wash your hands before applying any pads.

2. Choose Pads with Right Length and Thickness

Pads can vary in thickness, if you experience a heavy flow during your period or worry your period will bleed through your pants, then increasing the length and thickness of the pad you use can help to prevent this. Night pads are available, which are made to be worn overnight and are generally thicker than normal pads. These can be worn throughout the day if you experience particularly bad leaking.

3. Use Pantyliners

Pantyliners can be placed around the pad to provide extra coverage and make sure that the whole area is covered. It’s worth remembering that this can be slightly uncomfortable. Instead, you can wear tight pants to ensure pads are secure and at the same time eliminate the discomfort. These pantyliners can be positioned depending on where you experience a leak.

4. Wear Thicker Underwear

The thickness of your underwear can determine whether your period will bleed through pants. Thicker underwear can have the ability to absorb the blood and prevent this from occurring. The feeling of wearing thick underwear can also help to make you feel more comfortable and less worried about a leak occurring.

5. Prepare a Period Panty

Period panties have been specially designed for those with a heavy flow and who experience period bleeding through pants. Although costing slightly more, these specialized panties can help to stop bleeding through the pants. These panties are made of three layers, one layer being absorbent, one being leak proof, and the third cotton.

6. Equip Yourself With Extra Supplies

You may experience period bleeding through pants if the pad you are using has served its purpose. Always carrying a bag of supplies and possibly even a spare set of trousers can help to avoid any embarrassment. If you find yourself shorthanded on supplies, don't be shy and just ask a friend or associate if they have any you can use. This is nothing to be ashamed of and they will be more than likely to help you out.

7. Don’t Be That Active

Exercising can help to reduce the painful sensation associated with period cramps. But excessive activities can cause your pad to move from its proper position, making it less effective and causing a leak. If you are physical active during your period, be cautions to avoid such an embarrassing instance.

8. Choose Darker and Looser Clothing

The tighter your pants are and the lighter your clothing is in colour, the less likely it is that you will bleed through your pants. Wearing looser, darker clothing can dramatically help to avoid this, and put your mind at ease. This is because the blood will not be as visible on the darker clothing if a leak does occur and it will be harder for looser clothing to absorb blood.

9. Change Pads More Frequently

A great way to ensure you avoid leaking is to pay a trip to the bathroom every hour or two to change your pad. This will help to ensure that you always have a fresh pad, and help to reduce the chance of leaking.

10. Try Some Pad Substitutes

  • Some alternative to pads include menstrual cups, which are similar to tampons but with less risk to a user's health and can absorb more period blood than pads and tampons.
  • Cloth pads which are made from cloth, are more comfortable than normal pads and less likely to slip around when compared to normal pads.
  • Incontinence pads can also be used alternatively to regular pads. They are designed for people with bladder problems and are capable of holding more fluid than conventional pads, which makes them suitable for those with a heavy flow. These types of pads also come in the form of underwear, which can be worn with your normal pad.

Period Bleeding Through Pants: Are There Any Risks?

If the leak is due to your normal period, perhaps a pad has become loose, or you have insufficient supplies during your period, then there is nothing to be concerned about. If the leak is due to excessive bleeding, then you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Heavy menstrual bleeding is not always a sign that something is wrong, though if consistent, it can have some effects on your body. This loss of blood can lead to iron depletion, causing anemia. This can result in tiredness and fatigue. In more extreme cases, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches and an increased heart rate can occur. An extremely heavy flow can also lead to dysmenorrhea, which is felt as painful cramping. This can sometimes require medical treatment. 

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