Rodan and Fields Skin Care Reviews

Rodan and Fields is a multi-level cosmetics company that produces a variety of skin care goods. The products have been developed by doctors to deal with particular skin issues, namely acne, sensitive skin, aging, and uneven skin tone. The business has average reviews on the internet. So are you getting what you pay for? Here is an overall Rodan and Fields skin care reviews.

What’s Behind Rodan and Fields Skin Care Products?

Rodan and Fields was founded by Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, a pair of dermatologists trained at Stanford. They previously founded the anti-acne treatment range Proactiv, which was distributed by the direct marketing organization Guthy-Renker. In 2003, Rodan and Fields was bought by Estée Lauder Companies, but the business largely remains an independent operation. When Rodan and Fields débuted on QVC, it was a blockbuster best-seller. The range used to be available in upmarket department stores, but the company now mainly operates through multi-level direct selling.

The sales are carried out by thousands of consultants all over America. The company will normally conduct a home visit to talk about each product and to find out which treatment would be best for you. The consultant may leave you with samples of the products. However, some people find this process slightly intimidating and too much of a hard-sell. If this applies to you, you’ll be glad to know that you can also buy the products online from several different websites, including Rodan and Fields’ own. Furthermore, you can order through phone and e-mail.

Unfortunately, the range is not available through clinics, so it’s not possible to get expert advice from a skin care professional.

Rodan and Fields Skin Care Reviews

Rodan and Fields have four product ranges: Unblemish, used for treating acne; Reverse, for combatting uneven skin tone and age spots; Redefine, for aging skin; and Soothe, to relieve sensitive, irritated skin from conditions such as rosacea.

Overall review: According to the, Rodan and Fields has been rated C for effectiveness and an average overall 70% total. Consumers have given the company a general rating of 3.5 out of five stars.  

Here’s what other people have to say about rodan and fields skin care reviews:

“I recently used the Redefine range, but would not buy it again. I saw almost no benefits to my skin, so it was a complete waste of money. The toner was okay, but not much better than anything I’ve purchased from a drug store. Same with the AM cream. The PM cream was really greasy, even when I only used a small amount. As for the cleansing mask, well, it only functions as a mask– you have to use another cleanser to remove make-up before applying this product (of course, you can buy Rodan and Fields Redefine make-up remover wipes). You put the mask on, leave for two minutes to dry, then wipe off, which doesn’t seem worth it to me.”

“I ordered this product off Amazon to make the choice a little bit easier and less pressured, although it took a while to be sent through. The facial cleanser and toner are good, but the AM and PM moisturizers give my skin a greasy feeling and made me break out in spots. However, as I have sensitive skin, this wasn’t too much of a shock. The PM moisturizer can be used as an eye cream. I’m not that excited about this range, and probably won’t buy it again.”

“I’m 45 and I think this product’s fantastic! Over the years, I’ve tried every skin product there is, but after using Rodan and Fields, my skin both looks and feels a lot better. I suffer from small areas of facial psoriasis, but after using this product, my skin hasn’t flared up once. As I like to give different ranges a try, I used Timeline from Mary Kay instead of this for two months, but Redefine from Rodan and Fields was much better for my skin. The psoriasis returned with Timeline, but has disappeared again now I’ve been back on Redefine for two months. Seriously, this product is brilliant.”

“I bought these products from one of the company consultants, and have been using the lotions, as well as the needle roller, for about three months now. The results have been impressive – my skin is tighter (less saggy), my fine lines have faded, and overall, my skin looks and feels really good. In addition, there is a very nice scent, texture, and feel to the products. Next, I’ll give the Reverse range a go to try and even out my uneven skin tone, and damage from the sun.”

“I have a feeling that all the five star reviews you see are from Rodan and Fields consultants. These products are the most heavily promoted I’ve ever seen – all from people who are getting money for it. It’s so pricey, and you really don’t get the results you see in the airbrushed pictures. I used the Redefine anti-aging range, including the derm roller. A family member whom I didn’t have much contact with before was desperately trying to sell me the range, asking me to become her Facebook friend and constantly phoning me. Anyway, I would never ever make holes in my skin using this product, as the risk for infection is too great. Also, the needles are not long enough to get the collagen response you would have at a dermatology spa.”

“This is essentially a pyramid, or multi-level marketing scheme. It’s the same deal you get with Avon, except here the consultants are a lot pushier, and the products are nothing special. In addition, they’re so expensive - if you look at the ingredients, you’ll realize that you don’t get your money’s worth. I used the Redefine range, and it didn’t make any difference to my skin. A friend introduced me to Rodan and Fields, and I feel let down. What’s more, they keep sending me more products, even though I haven’t asked for them. My tip – go into your local pharmacy and get fragrance-free, generic skin products.”

“I discovered Rodan and Fields completely by chance, when I wasn’t even searching for skin care products. Although I thought my skin was okay, I didn’t realize how dehydrated it was until I started using the Redefine range (also called the Anti Age regime). Shortly after I started using R&F, my skin appeared full, dewy, and younger-looking, and its texture has improved so much – now I’m hooked! I don’t even need to use foundation anymore. I’ve been telling all my friends about Rodan and Fields, and now I’ve joined their company myself. I’m getting more money for promoting these products and receiving a discount on them myself – you really can’t get better than that!”

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