When Is It Safe to Have Sex?

When is it safe to have sex? Many couples will want to know the answer. People use different methods to determine infertile or safe days to delay or avoid pregnancy. Some of these methods have been in use for thousands of years, but not all of them are accurate enough to serve the purpose. However, the combination of modern scientific knowledge and old calendar based charts may go a long way in determining infertile days to avoid unwanted pregnancy without any side effects.

When Is It Safe to Have Sex to Not Get Pregnant?

The menstrual cycle can be divided into 3 phases: pre-ovulatory, ovulation, and post-ovulatory or the luteal phase, and the length of each phase can vary. The rhythm method to predict your window of fertility can give an answer to the above question.

When Is Safe?

Usually the first day of menstrual bleeding is assumed as the first day of mestural cycle, and the last day of menstual cycle is the day before the next period begins, The safe period to have sex refers to day 1 to 7 and the last 4 to 5 days of cycle that lasts from 26 to 32 days, which can vary from woman to woman. Results may not speak for every woman though mainly because it's a calendar-based method.

It also depends on the life span of the egg and the sperm. The life span of an egg is usually no more than 24 hours, and if the sperm doesn't fertilize it within 24 hours, the egg will die. So, as an example, fertilization can still occur until the 20th day even if ovulation occurs on 19th day.

Many people use rhythm method with pull-out method to prevent pregnancy without dealing with any side effects of contraceptives. However, you should avoid withdrawal method though if you're still young and only have casual sex. Using condoms is a better way to prevent pregnancies in most conditions, especially when you're not sure about the safe days.

Who Can Use Calculator to Figure Out the Safe Sex Period?

You can however make use of safe period calculator if your average menstrual cycle length during the last six months was between 26 and 32, with variation between the longest and shortest cycle being 7 days or less. Don't use this method if your period length is less than 26 days or longer than 32 days. If you are still unsure, ask your doctor about how effective natural family planning methods are on your conditions. Also, note that the failure rate for this method is up to 4% per year.

When Is It Safe to Have Sex in Pregnancy?

Many women ask, "When is safe to have sex to avoid pregnancy?" Others want to know when they can have safe sex during pregnancy. You can always have sex during the first trimester with carrying a normal pregnancy. Many women have sex until their due date without an issue – it may be a bit uncomfortable at times.

However, don't try it if you have unexplained bleeding, your healthcare provider asked you to avoid sex for any reason, or you have a history of premature labor. Also, contact your doctor immediately if your water breaks or you feel pain while having sex in the last trimester.

How to Have Safe and Enjoyable Sex

Now you get the answer to when is it safe to have sex. How to make a safe sex enjoyable can be a concern for many people. Here we list seven perfect tips for you to try.

1. Get Tested

Both of you will feel relaxed when you know you two are clean and infection-free. Also, schedule regular checkups with your healthcare provider to ensure you're not infected in any way. Women should arrange a visit to their gynecologist once a year for pelvic exams and pap smears to ensure they don't carry any viral STDS.

2. Use Condoms

Condoms can always be one of the best options to have a safe sex. Condom prevents unwanted pregnancy and also reduces the risk of transmitting STDS. Even though they don't offer 100% protection, they still reduce transmission of genital herpes by 30% and HIV by 85%. Just develop a habit of using condoms, and it's easy now with so many of them available – they are colored, flavored, lubricated, ribbed, and so many other types of condoms available for all shapes and sizes. Don't ignore them!

3. Use a Lubricant

You will enjoy sex more when you're wet. Vaginal lubrication will enhance pleasure for both partners. If sex is too dry, it will lead to pain, irritation, and injury. Luckily, you can now find all types of lubricants, including silicone-based, water-based, and oil-based lubricants that will make your sex session even more enjoyable and memorable too.

4. Build the Anticipation

Put your best seduction skills to use to become irresistible for your partner. You can build up the anticipation simply by leaving a message in the voicemail about a perfect sexual act or buying some interesting stuff in a store. This will actually enhance the mood of you two.

5. Try New Places and Positions

Don't always use your bed for your sexual acts. Try to be adventurous (but be safe as well). Look for new locations and sex positions to enhance the fun. Having it in the shower instead of bed will make it a lot more fun. Doing it in a secluded yet still public spot will also make the act even more exciting. Also, do some research about different sex positions and try them all to spice up your sex life.

6. Make a Toy Box

Introducing sex toys to your sex life will bring pleasant changes to your sessions. You can find all sorts of vibrators feathers, dildos, flavored lubricants, massage oils, and a rainbow of condoms for enhanced fun.

7. Engage in Sex Play

Engaging in sex play can make things a lot more adventurous and exciting. Simple activities like playing an adult version of truth or dare, strip poker, or some light bondage will make things quite enjoyable.

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