When to Tell Parents You're Pregnant?

Different women have different reasons for deciding when to announce to others that they are expecting a baby soon. For those who have been looking forward to having their first or second baby, it may be an exciting secret that is too hard to keep, especially from their parents. On the other hand, if you are a teenager or a woman who is not prepared to have a family, it can be tough to reveal the truth to others. So, how do you know when to tell parents you're pregnant?

When to Tell Parents that You're Pregnant?

It may be easier to break the news to your husband, if like you, he has been eager to have a baby. But to some women who have a close relationship with their parents, telling them that they are about to have a grandchild may be more exciting. So the announcement has to be of good timing. No matter what your reasons are, be sure to involve your husband in planning. So how to decide when to tell parents you're pregnant?

Here are some most common times of announcing pregnancy:

1. When the Pregnancy Test Shows Positive

Some women cannot wait to announce their pregnancy the moment they see the pink lines. Many choose to tell only a few close friends at first, but some announce their pregnancy on Facebook early into the journey.

2. Waiting After the First Trimester

Many couples wait until after the first trimester before they announce publicly that they are expecting a baby. This is when the risk of miscarriage goes down significantly. Many pregnancies end in miscarriage, and most of these happen in the first trimester. Therefore, some women would rather wait till it is safe to say that they are indeed having a baby. However, there is no harm in getting plenty of support if the worst happens, after you have shared the good news early.

3. After Ultrasound Confirmation

The big news is sometimes best told when there is a photo to support it. In most cases, women are advised to get their first ultrasound at 20 weeks to check the baby growing in the uterus. If you’re still deciding when to tell parents you're pregnant, it will be great to accompany the news with an ultrasound picture of your baby happily growing in your tummy. You may also be able to give a little more detail on whether it’s going to be a girl or a boy.

How to Tell Parents You're Pregnant

Now that you may have decidedwhen, your next concern may be how to make the announcement. Some want it simple, but some want a little more excitement because this is a special moment in their lives. Here are some ways women broke the great news to their parents:

“I asked my mom to see me for lunch at a local restaurant. We have not seen each other for a while ever since I moved out and got married. So when I said, ‘We’re so happy to see you!’ she looked around, expecting someone else. I smiled and put my hand on my growing belly. She was so happy that we ended up eating two desserts.”

“I sent blue and pink carnations to my parents with a note that said, ‘Help us guess the color of our new room.’ At first my parents did not get why we had to ask them about the color of our room, but when they figured it out, they sent us blue and pink toys to go with the room.”

“For Christmas I gave my mom a shirt that said ‘World's Best Grandma.’ It was her happiest Christmas ever!”

If You Are a Teenager

For teenagers deciding when to tell parents you're pregnant is not an easy task. Aside from dealing with your own emotions about the situation, you may be worried about how they will react.

You are not alone. Many teenagers have experienced what you are undergoing, but in most cases, parents eventually support their pregnant teenagers out of genuine love. Since you may not be ready to handle things on your own, you will surely need their support throughout your pregnancy.

The important thing is to tell them how you feel and to listen to what they have to say. Emotions may run high, words may go out of hand, but in the end, you will all have to deal with the situation together as a family.

When to tell parents you're pregnant?In your case, you need to tell them as soon as possible so they can help take care of your health. Early pregnancy may not be easy, especially for teenagers whose bodies are not ready for the changes involved in carrying a baby.

To do this, it is best to find words to break the news calmly, such as "It has been difficult to tell you, but I just found out that I am pregnant." Pause for a while and allow your parents to take in what you just said. You can expect them to react emotionally, although some parents may be calm. In any case, be prepared to take it all in, trying not to be defensive or offensive. It is important not to create barriers to communication and to keep the discussion productive. You may be surprised at how loving and supportive your parents really are.

Another way of handling the situation is to ask your parents to accompany you to make a doctor’s visit. This can help make the discussion more fruitful since it will help you get more information about pregnancy and how your parents can help you.

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