Why Guys Don't Like You?

Although you may not think you are intimidating when you are around guys, it may seem like they don't want to meet you. Their reluctance may not have anything to do with your looks and everything to do with the impression that you are giving them. Without being aware of it, you may be sending out a "do not come near me" vibe. If you are worried about "why don't guys like me?" then you should try to find out why guys don't approach you. Here are some of the reasons why you might be having trouble getting a date.

Why Don't Guys Like Me?

1. You Act like Royalty

You may not realize it, but you often act as if you are a princess and want every man around you to bow down and do your bidding. You want to be cherished for the royalty you are, and while nothing is wrong with that, on occasion, most men don't want to always cater to their woman's needs. They want to be cherished too! Instead of always dragging him around doing what you want, let him decide once in a while.

2. You're a Flirt

Every woman should know how to flirt. It lets a man know he caught your eye and you are attracted to him. However, there can be too much of a good thing and if you are too flirty, then it can make you seem slutty. Also, if you have a man in your life, he may not find your natural flirtatiousness cute and it could lead some chest thumping and other displays of possessiveness on his part. If you want a guy, be selective with your flirting.

3. You're Too Reserved

If you are shy or reserved, many men may think you are aloof or just not interested. Men have trouble approaching attractive women anyway because they think they will be rejected and, if you are holding yourself back, you could be signaling rejection as well. If you see someone you are interested in, let him know by meeting his gaze and smiling at him. If you show him some attention, he will get the message that you're interested in him.

4. You Drink Way Too Much

Drunk people are not attractive, except to other drunk people. If you like to party too hard, you are going to have trouble finding a man to take you seriously. Even if you are a beautiful woman, you lose major points if you are drunk, especially if you are running your mouth too much or all over every guy you see. If you are crushing on someone, don't get drunk around him and ruin any chance you may have with him.

5. You're Too High Maintenance

While it is fine to enjoy the finer things in life, don't overlook a guy trying to make his own way. He may not have fancy clothes, a nice car or be able to spoil you, but he could end up being the love of your life. Sometimes the best things in life are free, so don't overlook a man willing to cook for you or just hang out to get to know you better. You cannot buy that type of attention.

6. You May Be Too Beautiful

If you are trying to figure out "why don't guys like me," it may be because you are too good looking. Many beautiful women have problems getting dates because men are too intimidated by their looks to approach them. You can't change your looks, but you can change how you act around men. If you see someone you like, encourage them to approach you with a warm smile and by looking into their eyes. You will be more approachable and more apt to get a date.

7. You Wear Too Much Perfume

While it is always good to smell nice, you can easily go overboard and create a stink. Most guys don't want to smell like their dates at the end of the night, so take the "less is more" approach and spray your perfume on lightly. Spray your favorite scent on so he has to lean in to smell it. It is a good ploy to get him to move in closer instead of repelling him with too much perfume.

8. You're Too Clingy

Although a man likes to be needed, he doesn't want someone who is going to cling to him like a wet shirt and constantly beg for his attention. If you are trying to figure out "why don't guys like me?" it may be because you are too dependent on them. Most men find independent women to be attractive because they can handle their own business. Show him you can take care of yourself, but if you really need him, don't hesitate to call him so he could be your knight in shining armor.

9. You're Always Talking About Your Ex

If you are always telling your dates about your ex, then they are going to assume you're still in love with him. If this is the case, perhaps you shouldn't be on the market. A guy doesn't want to sit around and listen to you sing the praises of your ex-boyfriend, no matter how understanding he may seem to be. If you can't leave your ex behind, then don't start dating because guys hate hearing about the one who got away.

10. You Act Spoiled

Believe it or not, the world doesn't owe you anything and neither does the guy you're dating. You shouldn't expect anything from him, just as he shouldn't expect from you. You should do things for each other out of love and mutual respect and not because you feel obligated to do so because your mate seems to expect it from you.

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