8 Fattest Man in the World

Obesity is a condition that is affecting the lives of hundreds of people with each passing day. It is an extremely disturbing condition that can make the life of its victim incredibly difficult. Do you know who the fattest man in the world is? If not, then continue reading the article to find out more information about not one, but eight extremely obese people in this world. Going through their personal information will certainly amaze and shock you.

8 Fattest Men in the World

Fattest man in the world is coming! Are you ready to meet them? Here we go:

1. Carol Yager 

Nationality: American   Height: 170cm    Peak weight: 727kg

Carol Ann Yager (January 26, 1960–July 18, 1994) is considered one of the fattest women in the world. She developed a severe eating disorder when she was a child after she was sexually abused and molested by a family member. She spent the major part of her life living in Beecher, a town of Michigan located in Mount Morris Township. She eventually died of kidney failure.

2. Jon Brower Minnoch

Nationality: American    Height: 185cm    Peak weight: 635kg

Jon Brower Minnoch (September 29, 1941–September 10, 1983) was once regarded as the fattest man in the world as he weighed about 100 stones. His weight continued increasing till he was hospitalized during 1978 when he was 37 years old after experiencing a respiratory and cardiac failure. He was eventually diagnosed with generalized edema which led to his death.

3. Manuel Uribe

Nationality: Mexican    Height: 196cm    Peak weight: 597kg

Manuel "Meme" Uribe Garza (June 11, 1965–May 26, 2014) is another man who was termed as the fattest man in the world when he weighed 597kg. He wasn’t able to leave his bed at that time, so he worked on losing weight and eventually lost around 230 kg. He was married twice and suffered from various illnesses. Finally, he passed away due to liver failure.

4. Keith Martin 

Nationality: British    Height:170cm    Peak weight: 980 pounds

Keith Martin (1974–December 5, 2014) was officially termed as the fattest man in the world and passed away on 5th December, 2014 after fighting a tough battle with pneumonia. He underwent a gastric sleeve surgery that removed about more than 50% of the fat in his stomach. However, pneumonia attacked him shortly afterwards and led to his death.

5. Paul Mason

Nationality: English    Height: 193cm    Peak weight: 440kg

Paul Mason (born during 1960 or 1961 and is alive) was once termed as the fattest man in the world as he weighed around 440kg, but after getting engaged, he gained motivation to lose weight. He has managed to lose a lot of his body weight and is still working hard to live a healthier life.

6. Donna Simpson (born during 1967 and is alive)

Nationality: American    Peak weight: 290kg

Donna Simpson was once termed as the world's fattest person. She won the 'heaviest woman to give birth' title in the Guinness World Records during 2010. She also created her website where her fans used to pay to watch Donna eat to gain more weight.

7. Robert Earl Hughes 

Nationality: American    Height: 183cm    Peak weight: 486kg

Robert Hughes (1926-1958) was known as the fattest man in the world throughout the course of his life. His chest measured around 10.3ft and he weighed around 92kg when he was just 6 years old. He died at the age of 32 years after developing uremia.

8. Dzhambik Khatokhov 

Nationality: Russian    Height: 157.5cm    Peak weight: 324 pounds

Dzhambik Khatokhov (born on 24 September 1999) is an 11 year old child who is regarded as the fattest child in the world right now. When he was just 3 years old, he could lift heavy weights of 7 pounds. He weighed around 81 pounds at the age of 4. He wants to be Olympian when he grows up.

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