Tips to Help You Stop Like Someone

When it comes to matters of the heart, it's not always easy to just forget an ex or get over one of your crushes. While it may seem impossible, with time, support, and self-love, you can learn to let go of those feelings you had for another. Luckily, this article will give you some tips and tricks to get over the one who doesn't feel the same about you and to be open to those who might return your affection.

How to Not Like Someone

1. Focus on what you don't like about them

If you change the way you look at them, you can change your feelings about them. Instead of focusing on all their good qualities, look at the things you don't like about them. This can be a challenge at first, but when you really look at someone's personality and the way they carry themselves, or just the way they dress or talk, you can find something that you are sure to dislike about them.

2. Remove the reminders

If you have things around your house or apartment that will serve as a constant reminder of your crush, then you want to get these things out of sight. Go through all the things that remind you of that person and throw them so that you won't have to be reminded of them every day.

3. Stop hanging out with them

Hanging out with someone you are trying to get over is going to make the process more difficult and it will take longer for you to get over them. Give yourself the space away from them so you can move on. If you don't have any choice but to see them on a regular basis, then be sure you keep yourself occupied and find ways to avoid them.

4. Don't contact them

Just as you don't want to be hanging out with them, you don't want to have any form of communication with them. Don't message them, stalk their social media, or answer their calls. Remember, how to not like someone means disconnecting from them both off and online.

5. Tell them

If your crush keeps trying to hang out with you or contact you, then you might have to be upfront with them. Sometimes you need to let them know that you don't want to talk with them, especially if you have romantic feelings for them and they don't return those feelings.

6. Find another love interest

One of the best ways to get over someone is to focus your attention on someone else. You don't have to jump into a relationship with this new person but it will get your mind off the person you are trying to get over. This also lets you realize that there are plenty of other potential partners out there that have an interest in you.

7. Keep yourself occupied

If you spend your whole day thinking about the person you like, you are going to make it more difficult to get over them and move on. Find ways to keep yourself occupied throughout the entire day so your thoughts won't automatically go to what they are doing. Whenever you do find yourself thinking about that person, stop yourself and focus your attention on a task that will require your full attention.

8. Focus on the things you want

One of the ways you can realize this person probably isn't right for you is by actually thinking about what you really want in a relationship. Write out all the things you want from a relationship and the key qualities your partner should possess. How to not like someone can be as simple as realizing they aren't the type of person you could see yourself in a long-lasting relationship with. Most times when you do this exercise, you will notice how the two of you are just different.

9. Don't torture yourself

Romantic movies and love songs aren't going to help you get over your crush. Avoid the romantic comedies and listen to more upbeat and happy songs that aren't about love. You also don't want to watch or listen to anything that you know will remind you of that person.

10. Change your routine

You can feel like you'll never get over this person because your daily routine is so predictable and often this can remind you of them even more. Try to change up your daily routine whether it's the route you take to work or adding in time to exercise. By changing your daily routine, you can change your focus and in return, stop thinking so much about your crush.

11. Think about yourself

While you are trying to get over this person, you don't want to neglect yourself. In fact, the best thing you can do to help you heal is to focus on yourself. Get your hair done, start working out, eat healthily, try new things and go out and meet some new people. This will allow you to regain your confidence and can even open your eyes to the fact that they don't deserve yours. You'll get over them in no time when you take the time to focus on just improving and feeling good about yourself.

12. Give yourself some time

While you may think you are head over heels with this person, there's a good chance that the butterflies will die off on their own. How to not like someone might mean just giving yourself some time to sort through your feelings. Often times we become immediately drawn to someone and by the next week, we don't know what we ever saw in them. Give yourself some time to really sort out what you are feeling for this person, you might find that you don't really like them at all.

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