Widow's Peak vs. Straight Hairline: Which Is Better?

A widow's peak refers to a distinctive hairline formation in which hair grows in a V-shape towards the center of your forehead. Women with a widow's peak can stand in front of a mirror and pull their hair away to see a "V" above her forehead. The complete opposite of the widow's peak is the straight hairline, which does not have any dips or bends. A comparison of widow's peak vs. straight hairline shows that there are people with both types of hairline formations. Why do some people have straight hairline and others have a widow's peak? Come find out more about it. 

Widow's Peak vs. Straight Hairline: The Genetic Causes

Most people do not feel bothered by the fact that they have a widow's peak or a straight hairline. However, when it comes to making a comparison, it is important to consider the role genetics play in here. For better understanding, you need to learn a bit about the concept of dominant inheritance.

Dominant Inheritance

For dominant trait, only one allele is enough to make that trait visible in an offspring because a dominant allele will always mask a recessive allele. A recessive allele is denoted by small letter, whereas a dominant allele is denoted by a capital letter. One allele comes from each parent, so the possible combinations can be both dominant (AA), both recessive (aa), or one dominant and one recessive (Aa). Dominant trait will be expressed phenotypically in offspring with genotype Aa or AA, whereas recessive trait is only expressed in offspring with genotype aa.

A widow's peak is a dominantly inherited trait. In the following table, W is dominant allele (a V-shape hairline) and w is a recessive allele. Some with genotype WW or Ww will have a widow's peak and someone with genotype ww will have a straight hairline:










Widow's Peak Vs. Straight Hairline: Tendency to Receding Hairline

Many people are of the view that when comparing widow's peaks with straight hairlines, people with a widow's peak are more likely to have a receding hairline. This is nothing but a myth. Baldness is not particularly linked to any of these hairlines, and a widow's peak is a natural hairline for some men and women, which is not a precursor to full-blown baldness.

People with both hairline formations can develop receding hairline. However, people with a window's peak usually lose hair along the sides, which accentuates their V-shape of hair. People with a straight hairline can develop a receding hairline, which makes their forehead more prominent.

Here is a great video to learn some tips to deal with a receding hairline for people with a widow's peak or a straight hairline:

Find the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Widow's Peak

Most people think it is relatively easier to style straight hairline, but that is not always the case, especially when you have to consider your receding hairline as well. However, you may find a number of ways to style your hair no matter you have a V-shaped hairline or a widow's peak.

Male Hairstyles

Here are some simple yet highly effective hairstyles for men with a V-shaped hairline.

  1. Undercut: In this hairstyle, you will have short sides that will emphasize the peak. You can make that peak become more prominent by going for a slicked-back undercut. You can also try some variations, such as the disconnected undercut which involves combing over your hair to one side. The hairstyle looks great but it requires regular maintenance.
  2. Pompadour: It is yet another retro option and probably the most easily recognizable haircuts for V-shaped hairline. You can opt for the tall or short version, but both help you make a true style statement. They do come with a high maintenance factor though. As compared to an undercut, pompadour offers a greaser look and is a bit less flexible.
  3. Buzz Cut: It works great for anyone with short hair and a widow's peak. This helps you make your peak more prominent and give it a more defined edge. You can try many variations of buzz cut, including a traditional army style with a little on your head or the crew cut that leaves more hair on top. The good thing is that buzz cuts are quite easy and low maintenance hairstyles.
  4. Straight Fringe: When comparing widow's peak vs. straight hairline, you may notice that most people with a widow's peak often look for hairstyles to conceal their V-shape of hair. For this, you need to have longer hair overall because this will help mask your hairline. Straight fringe works better here, especially when your face is long.
  5. Messy Fringe: You can always opt for this variation of the straight fringe to add a touch of youthful energy and style to your hair. It also works just fine to cover up a widow's peak. Be sure to use some good quality wax to get this style done. It helps draw attention to your face instead of your hairline.

Female Hairstyles

If you are a female looking for ways to style your hair with a widow's peak hairline, you will find more than enough ways to look stylish. What styles work best for you usually depends on what you want to do with your hairstyle. You can try a hairstyle to conceal your widow's peak or you can try something else to make it prominent. So, if you are a girl and have a V-shaped hairline, do think that you will lose the battle of widow's peak vs. straight hairline. Here are several comment hairstyle for you.

  1. To Show Off Your Widow's Peak
  • A simple way to show off your widow's peak is to part your hair down the middle of your face. It may require some effort if you have the cowlick situation, but you can definitely pull this off with practice.
  • Another interesting idea to flaunt your widow's peak is to wear your hair straight. It adds a dramatic look to your hair and makes you look stylish at the same time.
  • A great option is to wear your hair like Kourtney Kardashian, who usually goes with the French braided style. Try it yourself!
  1. To Hide Your Widow's Peak
  • Try curtain bangs like Eva Longoria to conceal your widow's peak. These bangs will hit above the jaw and will take focus away from your hairline.
  • Try Bardot bangs to conceal your V-shaped hairline, especially when you have a heart-shaped face like Kourtney Kardashian. They are longer at the outer edges and separate in the center. Do not fight your natural cowlick here.
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