15 Weeks Pregnant Belly

During the fifteenth week of pregnancy, most of the pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and nausea are gone. Most women feel more energy and are less fatigued. This is mainly the time when you can start enjoying the pregnancy without getting stressed about the labor pains or the fear of throwing up. The start of second trimester is relatively relaxed and many moms to be start enjoying the pregnancy.

15 Weeks Pregnant Belly Changes

At this time the womb starts to grow and becomes a bit visible in the form a small bump. The uterus increases in size and comes out of the pelvis. It can be felt somewhere between the belly button and the pubic bone and you finally start looking pregnant! You will not be able to fit into your pre pregnancy skinny jeans at this time and now is the right time to get some new pants.

15 weeks pregnant: first baby

15 weeks pregnant: second baby

15 weeks pregnant belly: twin babies

Advice for the Mom

As the un-born baby grows in size the uterus occupies more and more space in the abdomen pushing the internal organs aside. There is less room for the stomach and larger meals become intolerable. At this point you need to have small frequent meals to avoid indigestion and heart-burn. Eating frequently also helps to maintain a steady supply of nutrients and maintain energy levels. The blood flow to the pelvis also increases and this can lead to frequent urge to pass urine. At this point the body starts to retain more water.

NOTE: At this stage your tummy has not grown massively and you still have the same center of gravity, so this is the time to practice and change the way you walk. Learning to maintain correct posture during standing and sitting and adjusting your walking pattern can be very helpful in coming days.

Show Sooner or Later?

Most pregnancies will start to show in the second trimester. Some women start showing the baby bump earlier but this may not be the actual uterus. Most of the time, the tummy is distended due to bloating. The bump, however, can become visible early if the abdominal muscles are not very strong or with multiple/previous pregnancies.

Highs and Lows

Every pregnancy is unique and all women carry the baby bellies in different ways. Those with strong tummy muscles carry higher as compared to those with a weak abdominal wall who tend to carry lower. The abdomen wall can lose its strength due to multiple pregnancies or advanced age. Tall moms-to-be have narrow baby bellies and shorter women have wider baby bumps.

Other Changes to Expect

Apart from the changes to your 15 weeks pregnant belly, there're many other body changes to expect in this week. Knowing all the possible changes to expect can help you better prepared when something unexpected happen.

1.     Mind and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can make you more forgetful and clumsy. Suddenly you don't feel as sharp as you used to be before getting pregnant. This phenomenon is very commonly observed and is also termed as scatter brain or placenta brain. There is nothing to worry about as the brain regains its sharpness with time.

2.     Shift in Center of Gravity

The growing 15 weeks pregnant belly affects the posture and shifts the body’s center of gravity. This can lead to difficulty in maintaining balance and make you a bit clumsy. But gradually you get used to it and start feeling normal again. It is best to wear flat and comfortable shoes, avoid wearing high heels and climbing stairs at a rapid pace to prevent falling.

3.     Loose Joints

During pregnancy a hormone Relaxin is released in the body which makes the joints and ligaments lax and soft. The muscles also feel softer than before but these changes are just normal steps towards preparing your body for the birth. There is no need to worry about them.

4.     Water Retention

Besides your 15 weeks pregnant belly getting bigger, the body also retains a lot of water during this stage of pregnancy, this can lead to swelling of feet and fingers. It is not harmful but can make gripping or holding things awkward.

5.     Tiredness and Lack of Energy

You may feel exhausted and tired all the time. Just relax and take it easy. Fatigue is very common in pregnancy and many women experience these symptoms. At this stage you need to have some extra rest and have proper sleep to regain the energy.

6.     Nipple Discharge

The breasts start to get into action at this time. There can be some watery discharge from the nipples staining your bra or shirts. It is a normal phenomenon and this fluid is called colostrums which is rich in proteins and is essential for the new born.

7.     Braxton-Hicks Contractions

At this stage, besides the changes to your 15 weeks pregnant belly, you might experience some painless contractions which are termed as Braxton-Hicks contractions. These are frequently observed and in fact they help to strengthen the uterus muscles and prepare it for the birth. They feel like pressure or tightness in abdomen. If you experience any pain, discharge or discomfort with these, it is advised to contact your health care provider immediately.

Baby Development at 15 Weeks of Pregnancy

At 15 weeks the bay is the same size as an orange. The body is proportionate and properly formed, and the length reaches to 11-12 cm. The whole skin is covered by very fine hair called lanugo, which functions to keep the baby warm before the forming of subcutaneous fat.

The eyes are formed but they are still shut, the baby can distinguish between light and dark and can hear voices. This is a good time to start talking or singing to them. Other reflexes like swallowing and grasping also start to develop and the taste buds are fully functional at this point.

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