How Soon After Conception Does Breast Tenderness Occur?

It is natural to wonder how you will feel when you become pregnant for the first time. There will be a change in hormones, which is going to make you feel differently, both mentally and physically. You may not experience many typical pregnancy symptoms soon after becoming pregnant. Breast tenderness is one good example.

You may notice some changes after conception, which takes place soon after you ovulate. A sperm usually takes 24 hours to fertilize the egg, which then travels through the fallopian tube and into the uterus to implant itself. The whole process can take 7-10 days, and it is usually after this time when you start to notice some changes in the body.

How Soon After Conception Does Breast Tenderness Occur?

Your breasts will grow during pregnancy, but if you notice them grow by the second, chances are they are quite sensitive and tender too. While breast tenderness is among the most common symptoms of pregnancy, you are likely to experience it around 4th or 5th week of pregnancy, and your breasts will continue to change throughout the pregnancy.

The changes are usually due to the production of colostrums, which is the precursor to breast milk, but progesterone and estrogen play a big role here. Moreover, the tenderness may also be due to an increased blood flow to your breasts.

Other Breast Changes in Pregnancy

It is natural to inquire how soon after conception breast tenderness begins, but you may also have to deal with several other breast changes as well. For instance:

  • You may notice your nipples protrude more than usual. They might look tempting to your partner but forget about letting anyone touch them, as they are going to be incredibly tender.
  • You may notice your areola become darker during pregnancy. It is the dark area around your nipple, which is not only going to become darker but is also going to become bitter. You may notice it become spotted as well.
  • You may notice your veins become more prominent; in fact, there may be a complex highway of blue veins on your breasts. Do not worry; these veins help take nutrients from you to your baby.

While you are going to notice several breast changes during pregnancy, the good thing is that they are less likely to hurt after the first trimester. Moreover, your breasts usually do not stay the same and return to their original form in the months after delivery.

Tips to Relieve Breast Tenderness

Instead of asking how soon after conception breast tenderness occurs, you should be focusing on what you can do to relieve or control breast tenderness. Here are some tips:

1. Opt for a Sports Bra

You are going to feel pain when your breasts move, and this is when a sports bra can work wonders. It helps keep your breasts close to your chest, which in turn prevents extra jiggling. Keep in mind that you may feel some pain immediately after wearing a sports bra, but that is normal and your pain goes away after some time.

2. Consider Sleeping in a Bra

One way to deal with breast tenderness is to consider sleeping in a bra. You can always use a sports bra, but it is possible to find specially designed sleep bras. These bras limit movement of your breasts while sleeping, which will make you feel better in the morning.

3. Make Use of Breast Pads

It is a good idea to use some extra protection for your breasts, and breast pads can really help accomplish the goal. You may feel less pain when you have pads on and you accidently touch your breasts. Wearing breast pads is also a good idea if you do not find your bra to be very comfortable. It is better to opt for the cotton, reusable breast pads instead of going for the disposable pads.

4. Keep Your Hands Off

It is sometimes hard to keep you from feeling the breasts, which is only going to irritate them some more. You should tell your partner about your pain and ask him to stay away from touching them either. You should also practice some care and avoid hitting or touching your breasts accidentally.

5. Stay Away from the Shower Spray

Many women find it painful when the water from the shower hits their breasts. That does not apply to every pregnant woman, but it is still quite common. The best thing is to avoid the shower spray, especially during the first trimester.

6. Pay Attention to Your Diet

No matter how soon after conception breast tenderness occurs, you will be able to handle breast soreness better if you pay attention to your diet. What you eat will affect the hormones in the body and alleviate sore breasts to some extent. Be sure to include lots of beans, leafy greens, seeds, whole grains, and nuts in your diet.

7. Increase Your Intake of Water

If you do not drink enough water during pregnancy, your body will respond by retaining more water, which is only going to make your sore breasts even more painful. It is therefore important to drink plenty of liquid throughout the day to help get rid of excess fluids and hormones. You can also add ginger, lemon, bentonite clay, or fennel to your drinks to get better results.

8. Limit Intake of Salt

Just like drinking little water, having a diet rich in salt would lead to water retention, which aggravates breast soreness. However, you need to work with your doctor and know how much salt to take every day because it is essential to build blood volume during pregnancy.

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