9th Month of Pregnancy, Baby Movement

One of the most important markers for a healthy baby in the final months of pregnancy is the movement. Fetal movements are usually observed by the doctors to help ascertain whether the baby has enough oxygen and is doing well. Parents should also observe movements of the baby in case there are any changes which may indicate a pregnancy complication.

Normal Baby Movement at 9 Month of Pregnancy

When you are in the 9th month of pregnancy, baby movements may change as it has grown bigger. There will be little space for it to give you pummeling kicks. Instead, more forceful kicks and movements will be experienced often as your baby changes position.

Most pregnant women feel that their baby starts to move a little less during the 9th month of pregnancy. However, in actuality, the baby will continue to move frequently even during labor. It is important that mothers continuously feel their baby’s movement throughout this final month. About ten fetal movements per hour are considered normal.

Feeling your baby move should reassure you about its health and well-being. If for some reason you notice that the baby’s movements are less or deviating from the normal pattern, then you should contact your healthcare provider immediately. A decrease in the movements requires immediate care.

How to Count a Baby’s Movements

Doctors will teach you to count the baby’s fetal movements. This is usually done from the 28th week of pregnancy and until labor. Here is how to do.

  • Concentrate on the baby’s movements in the morning and in the evening. The morning times are when the movements are less and the evening times are when the movements will be more frequent.
  • Note the time and then start recording any movements that you feel. Once you have counted 10 movements, note the time again.
  • 10 fetal movements per hour are considered to be normal, however, it may take a little longer to reach that number on some occasions. In this case, have a snack or some fruit juice, and keep on counting. If the time taken for 10 movements reaches 2 hours, then you need to contact your healthcare provider. It may be nothing or could be a sign of something serious. Either way, it is essential to have it checked.
  • Counting the fetal movements becomes more and more important as the due date comes closer. In your 9th month of pregnancy, baby movements should actually be counted more than two times a day.

Tips for 9th Month of Pregnancy

1. Try Swimming

Take a swim in the pool whenever you can. It is an excellent workout for your body and will help you prepare for labor. The feeling of weightlessness in the water will also help you relax.

2. Take a Warm Bath

The warm water will help relieve any aches and pains that you might be having. It is important to relax during your pregnancy and there is nothing as nice as a long, warm shower! Just make sure that the water is not too hot. 

3. Do Kegel Exercises

Make sure that you are continuing to do your Kegel exercises even as the due date approaches. These exercises can give you strong pelvic muscles which will help a lot during labor.

4. Maintain a Positive Mind

Now you know that when you are in the 9th month of pregnancy, baby movement should be monitored carefully. It is also important to maintain a positive mind during this period. You will experience negative emotions and stress due to hormone changes. Trying to keep a positive mind will have positive effects on your and your baby's health.

5. Talk to Your Older Children

If you have older children, then tell them about what is going to happen and the changes that they can expect. Include them in the conversation about babies and give them some responsibilities so that they do not feel left out. Also, reassure them that their position does not change in your life even after a sibling arrives and that you will love them as much as before.

7. Make Your Baby Arrangements Ahead of Time

There are a million different things that you need to do when your baby comes, so getting prepared beforehand is a great idea. Take some time out and get the essentials you will need like diapers, wipes, clothes, towels, etc.

8. Have Sex

This is an issue that is quite debated and the final word should always be left to your doctor. It is said that there are some advantages to have sex during your pregnancy as long as no pressure is applied to your womb. The intimacy shared between partners helps you to relax and can also trigger the required contractions for labor. 

9. Sleep and Sit Properly

In your 9th month of pregnancy, baby movements are an important factor to consider, and so are the sleeping and sitting positions. Sleeping on your left side is recommended until the very last day of pregnancy. Sleeping in this position can become difficult near the end, however, so keep reminding yourself that the finish line is almost here! Also, always have a strong and steady back support while you are sitting. Avoid low chairs or bean bags. 

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