How to Deliver a Baby in an Emergency

Sometimes serious situations may happen that require special skillset and training, such as facilitating the childbirth when baby coming out of woman without the presence of any doctors. It is imperative to keep in mind that anyone can deliver a baby, as most of the hard job in taking the baby out is played by the expecting mother and the baby herself.

How to Deliver a Baby in an Emergency

Here are some technical but simple steps that can be followed in the facilitation process of baby coming out of woman.

1. The First Stage

First stage starts when the women’s uterus begins to contracts.

  • What Happens

These uterine contractions dilate the head of the cervix and the head of the baby starts to come out (in case of cephalic presentation).Soon after the woman starts contractions, call for an emergency help such as 999. An ambulance with a health care practitioner can deal with the contraction situation.

  • What to Do

During the first stage, it is recommended to make the female sit in a position in which she feels comfortable. This can be a sitting position or kneeling down position. Ask her to breathe well.Sweating during contractions is very common. Spraying on face with cool water and gently massaging the back of the female.

2. The Second Stage

Second stage starts when the cervix is fully dilated and the baby’s head starts to stretch the vagina so that the baby can make her way out.

  • What Happens

A strong urge to push out the baby is usually felt by the expecting female.Withthe head of baby coming out of women or with the vagina being fully dilated, it becomes necessary to support the woman to push out the baby.

  • What to Do

Place some clean sheets under the woman. Ask her if she wants to get rid of clothes and make the surroundings as clean as possible, for minimizing the chances of infection.Soon after the baby comes out, he or she will fell slippery. Handle the baby with care and place the baby of her mother’s chest or stomach. Cover gently with some soft cloth or towel.

3. What to Do If the Baby’s Shoulders Get Stuck

If the head is out and the shoulders are stuck, ask the mother to immediately change the position to hands and knees and push to maximum while holding breathe. If the shoulders are still stuck, ask then the woman to lie down on her back and pull her legs in upward direction. A firm push on the pubic bone usually helps in pushing the baby down smoothly.

4. What to Do in the Third Stage

The third stage usually begins after 10 to 30 minutes of delivery.

  • What Happens

During this stage, the placenta and umbilical cord should come out. Keep the mother calm and ask her to breath. With the baby coming out of woman, the uterus starts to contract again causing the placenta to be pulled out.

  • What to Do

Do not cut the cord on your own and seek for an ambulance or some trained health care provider to cut it. If the pain and bleeding after birth is getting severe,help the female pull the legs upward to minimize bleeding and keep her warm until the ambulance arrives.

What If the Baby Is Breech?

Breech birth can cause serious complications during and after delivery to both the mother and the child. In breech birth, there are chances of impaction of baby’s head and the movement of cord outside before the baby is out. If this type of birth is not handled correctly, the death of baby, mother or both may occur.

Frank breech is one of the safest type of breech birth associated with least complications while footling is the most serious and dangerous type which require training and attention. Following are some points that must be noticed and followed when delivering a breech baby.

1. Don’t Push Until Cervix Is Open

Ask the female not to push the child until the cervix is fully opened and dilated or until she cannot resist pushing.Allow the baby to come out on her own and do not pull it out by hand.

2. Loosen the Cord If It Is Tight

 If the cord is attached tightly with the baby, try to lose it with gentle hands.

3. Wrap the Baby to Keep Warm

Soon after the legs and pelvic portion is out, wrap the baby in a clean and soft towel or cloth. If the baby feels cold and begins to breathe, she may inhale the fluid in the womb.

4. What to Do If the Baby Gets Stuck

If the baby is half out and then stuck, place tips of two fingers inside vagina and try to unfold the baby’s arm. In case the head is stuck, ask the female to lie down on her back and make a push on the belly.

5. Gently Lift the Baby up

With the head of baby coming out of woman, place the tip of one finger on the baby’s mouth specifically on upper lip and hold the baby’s body with the other hand. When the head is out, move the mother’s belly slowly to let the whole baby come out smoothly.Do not pull.

Tips for Delivering a Baby

1. Make sure that the area where the delivery is about to be done is clearly sterile and clean. There should be no sharp objects present around the female such as jewelries or watches.

2. Thoroughly wash the hands with some good anti-bacterial soap before delivering baby.

3. Clear the female’s body with lukewarm water and do not apply any an antiseptic if any external cut is present.

4. When the baby is born, try to firmly place the hand on the back of the baby as it will help the baby to breath. A blanket can also be placed. Placing the baby on mother’s chest also helps in keeping the baby warm.

5. Ask the mother to breastfeed the child if the cord is tight and not coming out easily.

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