Braces Bracket Came Off

Most people think their braces will stay in place unless they go to their orthodontist to have them taken off, which is usually at the end of the treatment. While it is true that your brackets maintain their position most of the time, it is still possible to see them come off. Your orthodontist uses special orthodontic glue to affix brackets to teeth, but the bond can fail occasionally and the bracket comes off.

Possible Reasons Why Your Braces Bracket Came Off

There can be three main reasons of why your brackets may come off. It can happen due to the placement of the bracket, the tooth itself, or the patient. Here is more about it.

  • The Placement: Before applying the brackets, it is important to clean and dry your teeth thoroughly to keep it in place. When your teeth are partially cleaned, the brackets are more likely to come off later. Where the bracket is placed may also affect how long it will stay in place. The quality of cement also plays a role here.
  • The Tooth: Your tooth may have certain type of enamel that weakens the cement. You may notice your brackets becoming dislodged from the tooth if you have them placed on teeth that have a white or chalky look to them. Any dental deficiencies may also help to explain why your braces bracket came off.
  • Patient's Negligence: Your bracket may fail when you do not pay attention to the instructions of your orthodontist. They will explain what you can or cannot eat after having your brackets placed on your teeth. They will also explain how to clean your teeth when you have braces. Not paying attention to these instructions may affect the brackets and loosen them up a bit. You may also find your brackets become loose and come off if you brush your teeth too vigorously. Similarly, a sports injury, a rough tumble, or another trauma can cause your brackets to pop off. Some people experience problems when they floss roughly or use a toothpick incorrectly.

What to Do If Your Braces Bracket Came Off

Now you know that it is possible for your braces to come off, but you should also know what to do in such situations. For starters, you can consider putting the bracket back into position if it is sticking out but is still attached to the tooth. Use a cotton swab for this. You can also make use of orthodontic wax to keep your broken bracket in place while you are waiting for an appointment with your orthodontist. Here are some other suggestions to take care of your broken braces bracket:

  • Check the state of the wires carefully and use a pair of nail clippers to clip protruding wires. Ensure the wires stay very close to your teeth. Use wax to cover any extra length of protruding wires to keep it from cutting the inside of your mouth.
  • Go see your orthodontist as soon as possible. They will check if the wire is still in place and fix it accordingly. The urgency of seeing your orthodontist usually depends on the degree of damage and the severity of the discomfort. Inform them whether or not you have the parts of the bracket with you.
  • Be sure to rinse your mouth using a saline solution – this promotes healing if there is a sore. Stick to soft foods such as boiled eggs, fresh breads, and yogurt to prevent any damage to the bracket. Do not eat crunchy foods such as raw carrots, apples, or sticky candies while waiting for your appointment.

What's more, you should consider using OTC painkillers to reduce any discomfort you may be feeling because of sores caused by the broken braces bracket. Certain oral products are available that also help soothe your mouth. 

Some Orthodontic Emergency Care

It's important to act quick if your braces bracket came off, but you may have to deal with several other conditions when you have your braces placed. 

1. Mouth Sores from Braces

You may develop mouth sores when you are wearing traditional braces. These sores can appear on the lips or even inside the cheeks. While these sores are quite common, they can be quite painful. Apply Ora-Gel or another topical anesthetic to feel better.

2. Irritated Cheeks and Lips

Braces can make your lips and cheeks feel irritated, especially during the first few weeks. You will start to feel better after some time though. Ask your orthodontist to give you relief wax that you can apply to the area of irritation. Take a small piece, flatten it, and apply it where you experience the irritation. You can also place a piece of orange peel or simply a piece of wet cotton where the irritation is. Talk to your orthodontist if the problem persists.

3. Food Particles Stuck Behind Braces

It is also common to have food particles caught between your teeth right behind braces. It is hard to get those particles out and they look quite awful too. A piece of dental floss will help correct the issue though. Just tie a small knot right in the middle of the floss and use that piece to remove the food. A regular toothpick may also help but use it carefully or else you may end up hurting your gums.

4. Ligature Band Coming Off

There is a rubber band stretched around the bracket – it is called the ligature and it helps keep the wire connected to the bracket. Use a sterile tweezers to put your rubber ligature back in place if it comes off. In case your wire ligature comes loose, take it out with a sterile tweezers. A Q-tip comes in handy when the wire ligature is not loose but is sticking out into the lip. Talk to your orthodontist if a braces bracket ligature band continues to break.

5. Braces Wires Coming Loose

Brackets help keep the wire of the braces in place and bonded to the teeth with the help of adhesive. While they are quite sturdy and stable, they can come loose by eating hard, sticky types of food. Contacting your orthodontist is the best thing to do in case braces wires come loose because they have the expertise and all the tools to make the fix. If you cannot go to your orthodontist immediately, simply slide the bracket along the wire with the help of a sterile tweezers. 

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