Can Precum Get You Pregnant?

Currently, a good number of people are curiously looking for answers to various questions related to intercourse. For instance, many people still wonder whether it is possible to get pregnant with precum, become pregnant during their period or get pregnant without penetration. These and many other questions surrounding the sexual intercourse subject, such as "can precum get you pregnant?" will be discussed throughout this article.

Can Precum Get You Pregnant?

Does pre cum get you pregnant is a question that you may have been pondering upon for a while now. Precum is essentially a fluid that is produced by the penis when a male is sexually aroused, but prior to ejaculation. In other cases, this fluid may also be referred to as pre-ejaculate or the pre-ejaculatory fluid. There is a misconception among various people that this fluid is semen that leaks out of the penis prior to ejaculation. This is not true: t
he fluid is secreted by Cowper gland and is meant to clean the penis prior to ejaculation. On its own, this fluid cannot make you pregnant. However, the fluid may also flush sperms out of the penis from the previous ejaculation. In this case, the fluid may lead to pregnancy. However, if the man had urinated prior to the ejaculation, there is no possibility of the precum causing pregnancy because the sperm remnants are flushed out or killed by urine

Can You Get Pregnant in the Following 9 Conditions?

Except precum, you may also wonder whether or not first sex, grindling or sex on period can get you pregnant. Here are 9 conditions that you may interested.

1. Can First Sex Get You Pregnant?

Regardless of the number of times you have had sex before; the risk of getting pregnant is always high, if you have unprotected sex during or near your ovulation. This implies that you can get pregnant the first time you have unprotected sex, if you had it during or near ovulation period.

2. Can Grindling Get You Pregnant?

Except for"can precum get you pregnant?" other questions surrounding sexual intercourse also need to be addresses. Basically, it is highly unlikely for conception to take place after grindling. However, it is still possible, especially if you grindle naked. Grindling may be described as a form of intimacy, in which the parties of opposite sex replicate the motions of having sex, but no penetration takes place. If grindling underwater and naked, it is possible for the sperms to gain access to the vagina, leading to conception.

3. Can You Get Pregnant If He Pulls Out?

Provided that the withdrawal method is properly used, it can prevent you from getting pregnant. While withdrawal method is a cost effective method of preventing unwanted pregnancies, it isnot very effective because it is very challenging to pull out at the right time. Pulling out at the wrong time will definitely lead to conception, if you have sex on or near the ovulation period. One research finds out that about 22 out of 100 couples who use this method end up getting pregnant in a year.

4. Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period?

Like the question "can precum get you pregnant", this question is also a frequently asked one. Well, it is likely for you to get pregnant if you have sexual intercourse during the period. This is particularly the case if you experience very short or extended periods. On average, a menstrual cycle takes 28 days. However, some women have menstrual cycle longer than or shorter than 28 days. For fertilization to occur, the egg has to be in the fallopian tube, which occurs in the middle of the cycle (between the 12th and the 16th day for women with 28 day cycles). If you happen to have a short menstrual cycle, it is possible to ovulate a short period after menses. If you had sexual intercourse during the period, in such a case, it is possible to get pregnant because sperms can survive in the fallopian tube for up to 72 hours.

5. Can Anal Sex Get You Pregnant?

Anal sex by itself cannot get a lady pregnant. The insertion of a penis into the anus of a lady and ejaculating cannot lead to pregnancy. However, the anus and the vagina are located very close to each other. As such, sperms may spill over from the anus into the vagina, leading to conception.

6. Can Oral Sex Get You Pregnant?

Can precum get you pregnant is not the only sex-related question that is disturbing many people today. Oral sex is the stimulation of your partner’s genitals using your mouth and cannot lead to pregnancy. Even if the man ejaculates in the mouth of the lady, oral sex cannot result in pregnancy. However, oral sex can lead to transmission of STIs.

7. Can Sperm on His Finger Get You Pregnant?

It is possible for you to get pregnant, if a man touches his sperms and then touches your vagina without washing his hands first. Fertilization occurs when sperms are introduced into the fallopian tube at the right time. Soif the man touches his semen, sperms will stick on his fingers. He will then transfer the sperms into your vagina, if he touches it.

8. Can Condom Breaking Get You Pregnant?

One leading causes of unwanted pregnancies is the breaking of a condom during sexual intercourse. Even if the ejaculation has not taken place, it is still possible for a broken condom to result in a pregnancy because the precum may contain sperms. If the condom breaks during sexual intercourse, you should take action in less than 48 hours to avert a possible pregnancy.

9. Can Using a Condom Twice Get You Pregnant?

Like the answer to "can precum get you pregnant", the answer to this question is also yes: it is possible to get pregnant if you use one condom more than once during sex. Once a condom is used, there is a possibility of the sperms spilling to the outside of the condom. Additionally, overusing the condom can weaken it, causing it to break. As such, a condom should never be used more than once.


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