How to Dominate a Man in Bed

Most women are of the view that they cannot learn to be dominant in the bedroom because this behavior is ingrained from birth. That's not true though. You can learn to dominate your partner in the bedroom, even if you're a woman. Your partner may like it if you take the driving seat and dominate him in the bedroom properly. You just need to pay attention to certain tips to learn how to dominate a man in bed.

6 Steps to Dominate a Man in Bed

To dominate a man in bed, you need to change the way you think and behave in bed. Sometimes a few little tweaks can get you great results and make your sexual life even more interesting and satisfying. Just follow the steps here to make a wild and sexy night.

1.   Be Confident

First thing first, be confident when in bed to be more dominant. It will make you look sexier too. It is important to make yourself believe that you can take charge of things. You cannot make others believe what you don't believe in your mind. You can also do a few things to look and feel more confident. Wear the sexiest lingerie in your wardrobe, wear the sexiest makeup, and put on your highest pair of boots or stilettos. Don't worry if that makes you look like a porn star – just enhance your femininity in every way possible. Feel confident about yourself, and when you approach your partner, your confidence is sure to turn both of you on.

2.   Start With a Dominant Sexual Position

How to dominate a man in bed?Well, you should definitely start it with a dominant sex position. It means you should avoid "doggy-style" and missionary positions to start things off because these positions put your man in charge. Opt for a position where you're on top, and the best choice is to start with a "cowgirl" position where your partner will be on his back and you will be dominating him. You can also make your partner sit down on a couch and you straddle him so that he has no place to move.

3.   Be Demanding

It is common for women to feel emasculated when trying to dominate their partners. To overcome this situation, you need to maintain a rebellious attitude to regain control. It is a good idea to move slow and let your dominant behavior build over a few minutes. Start with small verbal commands. Anything like "I want you to wait until I come" would help you be in control. Before you let him touch you, tell him to ask for your permission. Stand over him and ask him to worship you, orally! Make him get on his knees and kiss your ass. You can even command him to sit there while you pleasure yourself.

4.   Find His Preference For Being Dominated

Once you move confidently and learn to command him while maintaining a dominant sex position, there are other things you can try. Something that will really help you have total control over the situation is to opt for the type of domination your partner prefers. For instance:

  • ŸBondage. He may like bondage that involves restraining your man physically by tying him up. Simply tying his hands together may do, but you can use custom restraints to make it more fun.
  • ŸDiscipline. This is another option, which is quite similar to bondage but has a bend towards punishment. It means that you will have to discipline your man when he breaks any of the rules you've created. You can strike him with your hands or use a cane, whip, paddle, etc.
  • ŸSadism. Sometimes, you can simply humiliate him if that works for him. Sadism provides you with another flavor of domination. The sexual arousal and pleasure come with inflicting pain upon someone. You may flog or hit your man to feel aroused and dominating.

5.   Take Full Advantage of His Fantasies and Fetishes

Fulfilling your sexual fantasies is fun, but considering your partner's fetishes will help you a lot in learning how to dominate a man in bed. If he fantasizes about his female boss dominating him, you can be that boss for him. If he has a silk, stocking or bondage fetish, be sure to take advantage of it. Just find what turns him on and then use it to dominate him.

6.   Make It Fun

Whatever you try, make sure that it is fun for both of you. It is important to enjoy the sexual act for both sides. One simple way to keep things under control without making them feel boring is to try some domination games. You can opt for the following:

  • Not a sound: When you have sex with your partner, make him play this game. The rules are simple. He cannot groan with pleasure no matter what you do. It's a simple game to play and puts you in charge as well. You can do anything you want and he just cannot make any sound. How's that for domination?
  • Pin him down: You can play another domination game that would physically restrain your man. Tie his arms above his head and play with him. You can also mix both these games for added fun and complete domination.


You need to bear in mind that while you're trying to learn how to dominate a man in bed, it is important that you try those techniques that work for both of you. It won't work if one of you isn't into it. It is better to discuss your ideas with him first, explain why you think it will be fun, and go slowly.

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