How to Get Your Period Faster

How women feel during periods vary a lot from woman to woman, but most women agree that periods can sometimes be extremely inconsistent, inconvenient and irritatingly irregular. An irregular period can spoil your plans for a week. Even if it arrives on time, travelling or having a hectic routines with it still need you to deal with the irritability, depression, cramps and other PMS side effects. Due to all these issues, many women wonder if they can do something to have their period faster. Keep reading to learn how to get your period faster and make your life happy once again.

How to Get Your Period Faster

You can try a number of things in order to learn how to get your period faster. It is a combination of certain lifestyle changes and other effective tips.

1. Have a Wonderful Sex

You can have your period faster by having sex mainly because it increases blood flow to your uterus and vagina. Your uterus will also contact and later relax, which encourages the shedding of the lining.

2. Do Exercise

You should have an active lifestyle and never forget to spend some time in exercising. Anything that increases your blood circulation will work to reduce your stress levels. Just look for an activity you love to ensure you stay active without having to push yourself hard, which will surely help your period come soon.

3. Hang Out with Other Women

Spend more time with your friends and other women who have had the period and have a way to deal with their periods. Ask them about their tips and you will learn a thing or two and understand how to get your period faster.

4. Reduce the Stress

When you're under stress, your body produces cortisol that can affect your system on every level. You will also fail to sleep better during those stressful nights. When stressed, you cannot eat in a healthy manner. You will also laugh less. All of these can affect your hormones and keep you from getting your period faster. Learn a few ways to unwind and have fun with friends to keep stress at bay.

5. Take Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath often works greatly because it increases your body temperature and helps lower your stress. The combination of these two effects encourages your period to start.

6. Use Vitamin C

Increasing your vitamin C intake will help get your period faster because it eliminates progesterone from your uterus and accelerates menstruation. Vitamin C is quite effective, but it may cause certain side effects such as extreme diarrhea or kidney stones. If you're taking a vitamin C supplement, it is important that you take it with lots of water.

7. Adjust Your Diet

Adding vitamin C to your diet is just one of the steps you need to take to learn how to get your period faster. You can get better results by making some other fine adjustments to your diet. Start by adding more fruits to your diet, such as kiwi, pineapple, oranges and papaya. Drink 500 mg of pawpaw juice to get better results. You may also consume honey to induce your periods – just check you're not allergic to it. Simply dissolving a tbsp. of honey in warm water and drinking daily will work wonders.

8. Drink Herbal Tea

Emmenagogues are one of the best herbs you can try to make your periods come faster. Ginger and parsley are two effective choices because they help your uterus to expand. Simply start by taking a couple of cups of ginger or parsley tea, especially if hormonal imbalance is the reason behind your irregular periods.

9. Keep Your Weight in Check

You need to maintain a healthy weight. Many women think they will have irregular periods only when they are obese, but the reality is that you will suffer even if you're underweight. You need to pay attention to your diet and maintain an active lifestyle to maintain a healthy body weight.

10. Take Medications

Taking contraceptives may help with your periods. Using them will make your period lighter and even make it come faster. Contraceptives have hormones required to regulate your body's natural estrogen and progesterone levels. Contraceptives are usually prescribed to women who are under 35 years of age. In this case, doctors also consider giving patients hormone injections to induce period.

Can You Get the First Period Faster?

Okay, so most of your friends have already had their first period but you're still wondering when you will experience the same. Well, that's quite common because every girl is different. Some girls will have their first period as soon as they turn eight, while some may not have any until they are 15. Both situations are normal and acceptable. However, many young girls often ask if they can do something to get their first periods faster. There isn't a surefire way to speed up your first period because it's something directly related with your puberty.

Soon before your period, you will notice your waist, hips, breast and pubic hair growing fast. You may also weigh at least 100 pounds before your first period. If you've noticed these changes happening, your period may be around the corner. Just remember that whenever it comes, it is usually normal because your genetics and many other factors have a role to play in here. 

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