How to Insert a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cup, as the name suggests, can be classified among several other sexual health devices such as tampons and pads that are used to contain the menstrual bleeding hygienically. Though not as commonly used as tampons, knowing how to insert a menstrual cup may help you to better manage your condition when it comes to irregular periods, heavy bleeding or activities that cannot be avoided during period time.

How to Insert a Menstrual Cup

Before starting the menstrual cup, most females prefer to use pad or a soft panty liner to prevent the leakage. The soft cup must first be placed on the vagina to check if the female is comfortable with it and not experiencing any irritation.

  1. Sit on the toilet with knees apart, and then gently squeeze the soft cup from opposite sides. It is necessary to hold the cup from bottom.
  2. Now insert the soft cup in vagina. If you think that the vaginal canal is more horizontal, a little downward movement can help in better placement of cup.
  3. After placing, use the tip of the finger to push it inside the canal as far it can be pushed towards pubic bone. Once the cup is inserted appropriately, it will not cause any discomfort.

Note: If the cup is not properly placed inside the vagina, a serious discomfort is usually felt almost immediately. It must also be noticed that tampon and menstrual cups are two different things and their insertion technique is also different. A cup must not be pushed upwards like a tampon as it can cause leakage of blood.

How to Remove a Menstrual Cup

  • ŸTo remove the cup, the simplest strategy is to sit in the same position in which the cup was inserted i.e. sitting on the toilet with knees apart. Place the finger in vagina and move the finger towards pubic bone. The rim of the bone is present just by the side of the pubic bone. Try to hook the fingertip in the rim and take it out. If there is problem in hooking the finger, then push lightly so that it can move forward and be taken out.
  • ŸMake sure that the cup is not twisted or squeezed until it is taken out completely.

For better understanding of how to insert a menstrual cup, please refer to this video:

Notes for Using Menstrual Cup

Some special instructions are needed while using a menstrual cup.

  • The menstrual cup must be washed properly when the periods end. The cup must be disinfected by placing it in boiling hot water for at least 2-5 minutes. But make sure that time does not go beyond 5-6 minutes.
  • Place the cup in an adequately ventilated area in its bag. Do not leave the cup open, or be placed in any hermetic container.
  • While disinfecting the cup, select any pan and then reserve it for this purpose only. Pour enough water so that the base or rim of the cup will not touch the bottom of the pan.
  • Do not wash the cup with any soap.
  • Remember that menstrual cups are not a way to prevent pregnancy, so they cannot be used during intercourse neither can they prevent the female from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Protect the cup from rodents and do not use a single cup for more than 12 hours in a day.

FAQs About Menstrual Cup

Apart from how to insert a menstrual cup, many women who are not familiar with the cup also have many other doubts about using menstrual cups. Some frequently asked questions are listed below:

1. Is the Use of Silicone Fine for My Body?

The silicone used in the synthesis of soft cup is prepared from medical grade silicone polymer, which does not leak or release any kind of molecules in the body. For this reason this medical grade silicone is also used in preparation of breast pumps and baby feeder bottles.

2. How Can I Know About the Size of the Cup?

All the brands have their own recommendations for size. The chart for size range varies according to the wearer; such as the age of the female and if she had experienced a child birth. Different models are available varying millimeters in their size. The size usually changes as the age of the female progresses;for example, old age females have a less muscle elasticity in vagina so usually a bigger size is more suitable. Along with age, other factors which can affect the size of cup include fitness level of the female and her physique.

3. Does It Hurt to Insert or Remove the Cup?

Correct placement of soft menstrual cup is essential for preventing any pain or complication during insertion and removal. As vagina is composed of soft and flexible muscle, so it has the ability to bear pressure of the cup. Initially a virgin female may experience some pain but its correct placement may resolve it on its own.

4. Is There Any Chance of Cup Getting Lost Inside the Body?

The answer is no. The menstrual cup will not be lost inside the body. When it is inserted towards the pubic bone, it has no place left to go anywhere for wandering in body. Besides, the firm and flexible muscles of vagina have the ability to hold it for a longer period in the same position.

5. Is There Any Change in the Tightness of Vaginal Muscles After Using the Cup?

No, the vaginal tissues regain its previous and normal position after it is stretched or when anything is placed inside it.

6. Is the Cup Safe to Be Used by a Virgin?

There are no medical complications for virgins using the cup; however, with religious/ cultural perspective, some considerations must be taken as it can alter or damage the hymen to a little extent.

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