Desperate for Skinnier Fingers? 4 Quick Ways to Help

Do you ever face difficulties with taking on or off the beautiful ring? Are you bothered by the looking of your fingers? If you have such concerns, I bet you must want to have thinner fingers. Still, the finger look including the length and shape is commonly thought to be given by the genes, there are some controllable things can be done to make the finger skinnier or look skinnier.

How to Make Your Fingers Skinnier

There are some interesting and effective methods for you to try to make fingers skinnier. Why not giving yourself a second chance of getting beautiful skinnier fingers?

1. Reduce Water Retention

High sodium intake is a leading cause of pudgy fingers, as it increases the retention of water inside the body. With a diet including more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, it is possible that your feet and fingers feel swollen quite often.

  • Try to limit sodium intake. Salt is not the only source of sodium; other sources include baking soda, disodium phosphate, baking powder, sodium alginate, MSG and sodium nitrate. Also make it a habit to read food labels before buying them. Some foods label to be no sodium, yet, it does not necessarily ensure that there is no sodium in the food, instead, it may refer to a reduced sodium content or no additional added sodium content.
  • Diuretics may help. To manage water retention, you may also wish to use diuretics, such as caffeine, dandelion, gingerand juniper. This will help you reduce bloating and puffy fingers, but will not provide a much significant effect.
  • Manage certain medical conditions. There are a number of medical conditions that lead to bloating and water retention, so it is advisable to consult a doctor for figuring out the underlying medical cause of your water retention.

2.  Lose Some Weight

Weight loss can be a good answer to how to make your fingers skinnier. In addition to the excess weight on your body, you can just try lose the extra weight from your fingers.

  • Set small goals can be a good start. A weight loss program can be daunting at first, just set small goals, such as losing 5% of your body weight in the first month.
  • Some dietary changes can help. Incorporate in your regime are more whole foods, grown organically. Limit your intake of processed foods; instead, take unprocessed natural foods to make you feel fuller for longer time, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, eggs, and soybeans.
  • Count your calories to be more aware of your daily intake, for example, replacing full fat milk with low fat skimmed milk. Additionally, you can get involved in a physical activity that you also enjoy.

3. Typing Is a Great Exercise

If you practice typing often, your fingers will be getting frequent exercise, thereby getting sculpted into thinner shapes. So, try to become proficient at typing from now on. It is also a good exercise for developing coordination and strength in your fingers. You can practice typing on various instruments, such as an actual typewriter or even a computer keyboard.

4. Some Finger Exercises

One of the answers to how to make your fingers skinnier is finger exercises. There are a number of exercises specifically designed to make fingers stronger, thinner, and better looking. Do the following exercises as often as you can:

NO.1 exercise is a stretch that can help relieve pain in addition to sculpting your fingers. Gently make a fist with your thumb overlapping your fingers. Hold the fist for thirty seconds. Then release, spreading your fingers as far as you can. Repeat this at least four times on each hand.

NO.2 exercise: find a flat surface and place your hand, palm-down, on it. Slowly, straighten your fingers so that they touch the flat surface. Hold this position for thirty seconds before releasing.

NO.3 exercise is called the claw stretch. Facing your palm, bend your fingers so that the tips touch the joints. The position will resemble a claw. Hold for thirty seconds and release.

NO. 4 exercise: place your hand on a flat surface, palm-down. Lift each finger one by one and then place it back on the surface before lifting the next finger, whilst keeping the palm in touch with the surface.

How to Make Your Fingers Look Skinnier

For the mentioned methods for how to make your fingers skinnier, some people may find these methods show little changes. Fortunately, you also have more options to make your fingers look skinnier.

1. Fingernails

For a skinnier look of fingers, you canmake some changes of your fingernails. Your nails should be medium length, never too short, and should be either rounder or square. Applying nail polish is up to each individual's choice. Yet, it is true that well-manicured nails help draw the viewer's eyes away from the fingers.

2. Rings

Every girl loves rings, but it is also important to choose the right ring for one's body type. In order to make the fingers look slimmer, you should choose a ring with a thin band, avoid overly intricate designs, and cluster rings. For slimmer-looking fingers, wear a ring with a thin band and a small gem. Remember to avoid more than two rings per hand.

3. Watches and Bracelets

It is very easy to make one's hand look pudgier by choosing the wrong wrist accessories. To make the hand and fingers look thinner, a bracelet that is half an inch or less in thickness is ideal. Watches should have a small dial, and the colors should be silver or gold or something subtle. Loud colors are always a no-go.

4. Additional Tips

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated, as lack of water can also cause your body to retain extra water. Lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. You can also use the trick of wearing gloves more often. You can get gloves in various designs according to the occasion, and they are sure to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, not to mention the additional confidence boost.

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