How to Seduce Your Girlfriend

Want to know how to seduce your girlfriend? If things have been rather lackluster in the physical department lately or you haven’t got that far yet and want to push things along, these tips can help. You must begin by setting the scene and having a great deal of patience as well as a sense of humor about the whole thing. You just might see your sexual relationship improve dramatically.

How to Seduce Your Girlfriend

You really can get your girlfriend’s attention and wind up enjoying each other even more than you did before. Learning how to seduce your girlfriend will not only get you some attention right now, but it will hold you in good stead in the future, too.

1. Change How You Present Yourself

Today is a very different day, so you need to make sure she knows it. Start by doing something very different. Dress in the clothing that you know she will love to see you in, for instance, rather than those old jeans, pull out the suit! Have your hair styled and use the cologne that you know will drive her wild. Step outside your comfort zone and do something very different. For instance, if you really don’t like public displays of affection, change your tune this time and give her a kiss in front of everyone the moment you see her. If you are usually shy, take charge; if you are usually in charge, let her take the lead. Just switch things up!

2. Set the Stage

Touch her whenever you get the chance, but make it surprising. Run your hand down her back, play with her hair, kiss her forehead and give her a playful pat on the thigh – these things will get her accustomed to your touch and make her want more.Learn how to kiss her. Take your time with nibbling on her lips, moving your tongue gently against hers and anything else that feels good. Rather than move right from the kiss to something more, take your time and just kiss her with no other expectations. She will absolutely love it!

3. Make Sure That the Timing Is Right

When learning how to seduce your girlfriend, make sure you choose the right moment. If she is in a bad mood, tonight might not be the time – or you might be able to make her feel happier. If she is dealing with some problems about her work or isn’t ready to have sex with you, give her time. Patience is the key.

4. Compliment Her in the Right Ways

Tell her how beautiful, smart and wonderful she is. Compliment her looks, but don’t just focus on that – tell her how much she means to you and why she turns you on so much. Maybe she is smarter than anyone you know, or more kind and loving. Tell her everything and watch her light up.

5. Put Together a Romantic Environment

Set the mood by firing up the incense, cleaning the place until it shines, setting the table with her favorite wine and listening to soft music. Think about what she likes and use it to make her happy when she is with you. Also turn up your thermostat. Studies have shown that when a woman gets too cold, she tends to be turned off. Turn the heat up and wait to see what happens.

6. Give Her a Relaxing Massage

If you want to learn how to seduce your girlfriend, learn how to give the best massages. A long and relaxing massage at the end of the day not only relaxes her physically, it also gets her in tune with her body on a mental and emotional level. She will be much more talkative, relaxed and ready for whatever you might have in mind.

7. Talk Dirty and Sexy

When things start to heat up, you can turn the words up a bit, too. Tell her how hot she is and how much you want her. Take your time and see what turns her on. When she starts breathing harder and talking dirty right back to you, you know you can go even further with the sexy wordplay.

8. Go Slow

When it comes to how to seduce your girlfriend, this final piece of advice matters a great deal. Taking your time with her matters! Women take much longer to “warm up” than men do, so count on at least twenty minutes of foreplay before you get down to the main event. To be safe, plan the whole evening as focused entirely on her. You will be glad you did! 

9. Show Your Commitment

Make it clear that you care about her by showing a commitment to her outside of the bedroom. Send flowers to her at work so all her coworkers can see how happy she is. Figure out what she would love and do it for her. It might be something as simple as cleaning her house or as elaborate as fixing her car.

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