Foreplays Tips for Her

Every couple understands the importance of investing more time in foreplay, but very few know exactly how to go about using it to improve their sex life. For men, it is not always that simple to arouse their female partners. By learning certain techniques, you can prepare your partner both mentally and physically for a highly satisfying sex session. Keep reading to learn about foreplays tips for her to satisfy your woman in bed.

Why Are Foreplays Tips for Her Important?

By using certain foreplay techniques, you can make your woman feel sexually excited, which will increase the length and width of her vagina, and make her feel more comfortable during vaginal intercourse. Remember, the vagina is only 3-4 inches long when a woman is not sexually excited, but it grows to up to 6 inches in length after arousal. Foreplay will arouse a woman quickly, which will make her wet and provide for enough lubrication to make sex less painful. The other thing you need to understand is that every woman responds to different foreplay techniques, so it is a good idea to learn foreplays tips for herto be able to discover what makes your woman feel aroused.

5 Foreplays Tips to Arouse Her

You can try a number of different techniques to get her in the mood. Some of them are quite simple, while others may require some planning and preparation.

Talk Dirty

Talking dirty when you are actually in the act will help, but you can set the mood way before you get under the sheets. Send her a nasty text message during the day to make her anticipate how the real act will be. Once you are in person, tell her what your plans are. Share some nasty thoughts. Tell her what you are going to do to her. Share every little detail to make her feel excited.

Take Her Clothes Off Slowly

Remove her clothes but do it slowly and in a sexual way. Rub her neck softlyto make her feel relaxed. Keep kissing her arms, back, shoulders, and neck. Slowly reach out for her bra and unhook it. Kiss her breasts and move down. Leave her knickers for the last. Be sure to pull them down slowly with your both hands.

Kiss Her Passionately

One of the most obvious foreplays tips for her is to kiss her passionately. Passionate kissing will turn women on. When you are in bed, those quick goodbye kisses you give while rushing to office in the morning will not work. Take your time and bring some passion into it. Make it feel as if you are kissing her for the very first time. Close your eyes and let your lips play with hers. Feel the sensation of your lips touching hers and your breaths warming each other's faces. You can even start kissing while you are in the middle of the act and think she is somehow losing interest. Just understand that kissing passionately does not mean you should start licking her face. Keep it slow and do not forget to caress the area between her jaws and shoulder.

Oral Sex

Once you have kissed and caressed her right, she would probably be ready to take it further. Do not rush. Spend another 10 minutes on her vagina. There is a way to perform oral sex on your partner.

  • Starting from her knees, kiss your way up towards her thighs. Lick her legs and thighs as slowly as you can. Just make sure to stay away from her pussy to make her feel even more excited.
  • Tease her for some time and then move on to her inner vaginal lips. Kiss her inner lips and spread them slowly. Keep licking from the base to the top.
  • Then, concentrate on her clitoris. Bear in mind that woman may or may not like clitoral stimulation, so pay attention to her reactions when you start licking her clit. Does she moan when you touch her down there? She likes it. But, if she is pushing you away, stop.  If she likes it, you have hit the jackpot. Suck it, lick it, and move your tone up and down to make her feel excited.

Use Your Fingers

Before introducing your penis, use your fingers to send her over the edge. While working on her clitoris, insert your index finger inside her and move it in and out. Look for her G-spot and stimulate it with your finger to help her achieve a better orgasm.

Other Useful Tips

While the above-mentioned foreplays tips for herwill work great, here are more tips to help you have an exciting sex session.

  • Use lubrication:You can easily get a pleasure gel and use it if your partner takes a lot of time to get wet.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment: Pay attention to how she feels when you try a new move. If she does not like something or does not respond to a particular move, do not just continue with it for the next 20-30 minutes. Change your technique and try something different. Vary your movement and change the pace to make it more effective and pleasurable for your partner.
  • Take small breaks: After trying some foreplay techniques for some time, stop for a very short while. Let her body readjust and then start again with your moves. Do not wait for too long or else she will lose interest in it.
  • Use toys: Using sex toys during foreplay can help make things easier for you. A vibrator sometimes works better than your finger or even tongue. Again, it depends on what your partner likes.