Losing Virginity at Age 16

Losing virginity is an important rite of passage for every male or female. What age do most people think about losing virginity? Age 16 tends to be a quite common age for someone to go all the way with a significant other. However, there are many lessons to be learned from losing virginity at age 16. Here are just a few things to think about and consider before you choose to give up your virginity at this young, tender age.

Lessons of Losing Virginity at Age 16

What will you learn from losing virginity? Age 16 is the typical age at which people begin thinking about or doing it. But you might be surprised by what you will learn when you do.

1. This Might Not Last

Most people, especially girls, believe that they are completely in love at age 16 and that their relationship will last. Unfortunately, after they give away their virginity, the relationship usually ends.

2. It Will Strain Relationships

It might feel good to lose your virginity, but it usually involves a lot of sneaking around and lying about what you are doing, especially to friends and family. That means that you are straining your other relationships.

3. Saying "Yes" is Tough

There is much talk about saying "no" to losing virginity. Age 16 is one of those times when it's tough to say yes, too. You know that you probably shouldn't do it just yet, but you feel pressured. Saying yes at this stage is probably not the best idea.

4. It's Dangerous

Sexual activity can be dangerous for someone around this age, especially if they aren't using protection, or if they or their partner don't know how to use it properly. And remember, early sexual activity raises your risks of cervical cancer.

5. The Emotions Can Be Damaging

When losing your virginity at age 16 or somewhere close to that age, you are engaging in something you can't take back, and that can cause problems down the road when you are looking forward to getting married and having a lifelong partner. When the relationship ends, you are at serious risk for depression and other emotional or mental issues.

6. Being Used to Sex Leads to Consequences

A girl who feels as though she has been used to sex – as many girls losing virginity at age 16 are – will try to ease that hurt by jumping into a series of relationships. And besides that, once the relationship ends, she knows that sex is no longer as important as it should be, and that can make her look at losing her virginity as something she sorely regrets.

7. Bonding Becomes Difficult

Someone who has given away their virginity and have sex too early might find it tough to bond with those who love them later, such as their new husband. They begin to see sex as something that doesn't matter that much, but the opposite is the really true thing. They adopt this position in order to avoid feeling hurt about the rejection that comes after losing that first sexual partner.

Average Age of Losing Virginity

When do most people engaging in losing virginity? Age 16 seems to be the norm, but is that true in all cultures? It's important to decide if you are alone in the decision to lose your virginity at a certain age.

For women, the worldwide average age of losing virginity is just over 16 years – 16.4, to be exact. But if you get all the way to college without a sexual encounter, you are among 21% of the female population who have held onto their virginity for a long while. But by the age of 23, a whopping 95% have already had sex; that number jumps to 98% by the age of 30.

For men, the average age of first sexual intercourse in North America is 17. By the age of 19, about 80% of men have experienced sex, and over 97% have had sex by the age of 25. Men also tend to have more sexual partners than women at any age.

Myths About Losing Your Virginity

Now that you know some facts about losing virginity, how about clearing up some myths now? These strange ideas about virginity and having sex for the first time deserve to be debunked!

1. Losing Your Virginity Means Penetration

Not necessarily. What about women who are attracted to women? Just because they have never had a penis inside them, that doesn't mean they are still virgins. Losing your virginity might mean a variety of sexual acts. It's the feeling that goes along with them that determines if you have lost your virginity or not.

2. There Is Always Blood at the First Time

This is absolutely not true. The first time someone has sex, they might bleed, but they might not. The hymen, the area of the vagina that tears during first intercourse, might not be there at all – so no blood happens.

3. It's Going to Hurt

Not necessarily. What matters is making sure she is ready to have sex. That means plenty of foreplay and lots of lubrication. In fact, if there is any pain, you should stop and try to get even more aroused before going further.

4. You're Going to Get Off

Again, not necessarily. Women often take much longer to reach orgasm, and it's rare that women actually have orgasms during their first sexual encounters. Even men sometimes have trouble "getting off" when they have sex for the first time, because they are so worried about performance or about their partner's feelings. So don't have too high expectations when losing virginity. Age 16 is an age when you're full of imagination, but do bear in mind that you may not have orgasm at first sex.

5. You Won't Get Pregnant

Wrong! Anytime a penis is near a vagina, pregnancy is possible. That means you can get pregnant even if you haven't actually had penetration. Scary, isn't it? That's why you should always use a condom.

6. It's Like the Porn Films

Real sex is nothing like what you see in porn, and if you think it will be, prepare to be disappointed. Real sex is going to be messy, sweaty, confusing and maybe even a little funny. You will enjoy yourself, but you won't be a porn queen or king while doing so.

7. You Really Need to Have Sex

No, you don't. Sex is a very personal thing, shared with a special partner. When you choose to have sex – or not – is a very personal decision that should always be entirely up to you. Don't be pressured by anyone into having sex, especially into losing your virginity before you are truly ready. 

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