Motion Sickness Remedies

Irrespective of the mode of transport, some people always end up dealing with motion sickness. It feels as if the world around you just would not stop bobbing and swaying. That queasy feeling can make traveling a lot difficult. There is no clear answer to why some people feel queasy while riding in a boat, car, train, or plane and others feel nothing. Genetics may have a role to play but certain motion sickness remedies can make things better for you.

Quick Reliefs for Motion Sickness

Many people have issues overcoming the tendency to feel queasy while traveling by train, car, boat, or plane. You may also be one of them and looking for ways to conquer motion sickness. Thankfully, there are ways to make you feel better.

1. Focus on a Fixed Point

If you only experience general nausea with mild dizziness, you may benefit from this technique. All you have to do is focus on a fixed point inside the vehicle. You experience motion sickness when there is a mismatch between the way your inner ear and brain perceive movement. You can make your brain think you are not moving by focusing your eyes on a fixed point, such as a build in the distance.

2. Use Acupressure

Try acupressure if you end up dealing with an upset stomach after traveling. Acupressure is one of the best motion sickness remedies because it helps maintain balance in the flow of energy in the body. You feel nauseous when the flow of energy is out of balance. The point you need to select is on your inner arm about three fingers down from your wrist crease. Use your thumb to press on this point to reduce your symptoms.

3. Try Ginger

You can treat your motion sickness using ginger supplement. You are going to feel a lot less nauseated just by making this fine tweak. Just take 1,000-2,000mg of ginger supplement about an hour before you travel to feel better. Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider if you are already taking blood-thinning medications.

4. Get Desensitized

Try desensitization therapy to treat motion sickness. The therapy involves exposing yourself to certain activities that cause your symptoms – the exposure should be very short in the beginning. If you feel nauseated by reading a book in a moving vehicle, do not stop completely. Instead, you should try reading for five minutes only and then stop. Read for another five minutes after some time. If it goes fine, increase it to 10 minutes at a time until your body gets used to it.

5. Tackle Your Sensory Cues

You can make your sensory system more congruent by lying down when getting seasick. Similarly, you can sit in a front-facing seat while on a train to equalize your sensory cues. And of course, keeping your gaze fixed on a stationary point while traveling by boat or car keeps you from getting queasy.

6. Find the Best Position

You need to experiment a bit and find a seat where you experience the least motion. While on an airplane, look for a seat right in the middle of the plane over the wings. This is usually the calmest area and you are less likely to feel nauseous here. Similarly, you may experience less motion when you are in lower cabins relatively closer to the center of the ship. Keep yourself away from people who may also be experiencing motion sickness or even talking about it. Keeping your mind diverted really helps.

7. Enjoy Some Peppermint Candies/Lozenges

Try peppermint to calm queasiness, as it is among the most effective motion sickness remedies. You can always have peppermint candies or lozenges while traveling –this relieves nausea and even leaves you with fresh, minty breath.

8. Mind Your Diet Before Travel

The meal you have before you travel should be low in fat to prevent nausea. Not eating anything before leaving is not a great idea either – this affects the stomach's electrical signals and makes you more nauseous. You should have a low-fat meal to help make it easier for your stomach to handle the ride.

You should avoid eating or drinking too much before or during travel. Avoid excessive smoking, alcohol, or liquids that make you feel unusually full. It is also a good idea to avoid foods that have strong odors or are spicy and laden with fat because they can worsen your symptoms of nausea.

9. Drink Apple Juice

Include a glass of apple juice in your pre-travel low-fat meal to prevent motion sickness. The sugar you get from apple juice stabilizes your stomach and makes you less nauseous. You may even keep some of it with you and sip it if you start to feel ill during your travel. Be sure to avoid citrus juices or your symptoms may become worse.

10. Try Medications

While motion sickness remedies work quite fine, you can also take OTC medications such as Meclizine or Dramamine to treat your symptoms. Take these medications about 30-60 minutes before you head out on a trip. In case these medications do not work, talk to your doctor and consider getting a scopolamine patch that helps you deal with prolonged episodes of motion sickness. 

11. Other Tips

Information about some additional tips will make it even easier to manage your problems of motion sickness. For instance:

  • Try deep breathing when you feel sick. This reduces dizziness and improves your upset stomach.
  • Listen to your favorite music, crack a window open, or just keep your head back to ease your nausea.
  • Avoid reading if it really makes you feel nauseous.
  • Keep yourself distracted – one great way is to drive the car, which will keep you from getting carsick.

Moreover, do not panic and stay collected all the time. Thinking too much about getting sick can actually aggravate the whole thing. Stay calm, do not think about getting sick, and avoid being with others who also have motion sickness.

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