Night-Time Toilet Training

Are you looking for some help to keep your little angel's bed dry at night? You will have to spend some time potty train them. Even if you have helped them learn how to use potty during daytime, it will take some time and patience to help them understand how to do it at night. Keep reading to learn some tips to make night-time toilet training a bit easier.

Night-time Toilet Training

Night-time potty training is important for children under the age 5. It can be tricky in the beginning, but you need to keep certain things in mind to make things easier.

1. Know When Your Child Is Ready

Many parents often leave a gap between daytime toilet training and getting them dry at night. Do not worry if you have done the same. It is common for preschoolers to be not toilet trained at night until aged four in some cases. It is important that you understand the right time to start training your little one. They may sometimes ask you to ditch the night-time nappies. Grab this opportunity and help them understand what to do. If you notice their nappies are dry for several nights, this is usually a sign that they are mature enough to sleep without weeing. You should proceed with night-time toilet training if your little one is already three and a half years old.

2. Decide on a Potty Chair

You will need some essential tools for successful night-time toilet training. For starters, you will have to find an appropriate potty chair. There are stand-alone potty chairs as well as potty seats that you need to place on top of a regular toilet. Stand-alone potties work well with little ones because these chairs are colourful and come with play "flush" mechanisms. If you choose the other option of buying a child seat, you may have to invest in a step stool as well, which may be not so convenient to use at night. You may also have to buy other training equipment such as wet wipes, underpants, training pants and some motivational items like potty-related toys and books.

3. Less Water and More Void

Do not give them a lot to drink before bed. It is even more important if they are already having a glass of milk before bed. You should also stick to double void before bed. Make them go potty at least half an hour before bedtime and then make them do it again as lights go out. It is also a good idea to wake them an hour before their regular waking time and make them go potty because many kids wet their beds when they are awake in bed but do not use the toilet timely.

4. Plastic Mattress Cover

Buying a plastic mattress protector will save you from getting in a lot of troubles. Even when you are paying full attention to night-time toilet training, accidents will happen and that is when a plastic mattress cover will come in handy.

5. Underwear or Pull-ups

You may consider making use of training pants or nappies while toilet training your child. It is easy for kids to take these off and put on by themselves. Some parents believe it is better to avoid these pull-ups because this confuses kids and they cannot differentiate between underwear and nappies. You may stick to night-time cloth training pants if your child is wetting only a couple of times a month. Switch to regular underwear if your child is wetting a couple of times every 3 months.

6. Easy Access

Make it easier for your child to get in and out of his or her bed. You may even consider leaving a potty nearby for them to use at night. If you keep a potty nearby, make sure your child has vision to find it at night.

7. Deal With Accidents

Be ready to deal with accidents. Night-time toilet training will take time and it is never easy for kids to learn how to keep their bed dry at night. The most important thing is to not get angry when an accident happens. You need to understand that wetting accidents are equally hard on kids but they just don't know how to control them. You need to stay neutral and ensure that you do not make your child feel guilty about it. Simply, clean up the mess and continue with your training.

8. Celebrate Success

When your child learns how to control their bladder at night, celebrate the moment. Praise them, cuddle them, and show them how happy and proud you are. You may even make them feel better by letting them give away any leftover diapers to a family with young ones who need them. A pat on the back will give them the confidence to keep learning new skills. Do not forget that!

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