Right Bundle Branch Block Treatment

Everyone’s heart runs on electrical signals which are responsible for making the heart pump and pushing blood around the body. Right bundle branch block (RBBB) is caused by an obstruction in the signal pathways of the electrical impulses travelling to the bottom right chamber (ventricle), leading to a delay in the contraction of the right ventricle. It can also be caused by other heart or lung conditions, or as a result of a surgical procedure on one’s heart. This article will list the available right bundle branch block treatment as well as how this condition can be prevented.

Treatments for Right Bundle Branch Block

If one was to only have isolated RBBB, the only treatment required would be periodically scheduled follow-up visits and evaluations to ensure the condition does not exacerbate or pose serious threat to your health.

1. Regular Electrocardiogram (ECG)

If one has RBBB that is caused by heart disease, he may be required to undergo a biennial or annual ECG to assess the change in intervals. This can help health care professionals to see whether the condition is improving or exacerbating, as well as check for other abnormalities in the rhythm of the heart.

2. Medications

If RBBB is caused by another underlying problem, treating the problem should be of most importance. This can involve medication to lessen the severity of heart disease or medication that works to reduce high blood pressure.

3. Implanting a Pacemaker

After the assessment from a medical professional, the installation of a pacemaker may be advised. This is generally the case for those with RBBB and a history of fainting. This device can provide electrical impulses to the heart when required via the two wires connecting to the heart on the right side.

4. Cardiac Resynchronization

Cardiac resynchronization, also called biventricular pacing, is very similar to a pacemaker, except a third wire connects the device to the left side of the heart. This allows the inserted device to synchronize both sides of the heart and ensure correct rhythm.

When Do You Need Medical Treatment?

In some instances, right bundle branch block treatment is not required. However, if one experiences a bundle branch block in both sides of the heart following a heart attack, the chance of the heart becoming completely blocked is greatly increased. For this reason, pacemakers are often recommended. Those who have a bundle branch block that is associated with loss of consciousness or syncope also have an increased chance of developing a complete heart block. If one’s bundle branch block condition is linked with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction of the left ventricle, then cardiac resynchronization is often highly suggested.

Complications of Right Bundle Branch Block

The main complication of right or left bundle branch block is a reduced heart rate which may lead one to lose consciousness on occasions. Those who have developed RBBB resulting from the occurrence of a heart attack are more likely to experience serious complications, such as abrupt cardiac death. As this condition affects one’s electrical system, it can lead to an increased difficulty in diagnosing underlying heart conditions, postponing the treatment until it's too late. Once it has been ascertained, right bundle branch block treatment will mainly focus on treating the underlying health condition.

How to Prevent Right Bundle Branch Block

Many individuals with RBBB may experience no notable symptoms. It would still be wise to monitor your condition and get regular check-ups from a health care professional. Ensure to let your doctor know of any changes in your condition, such as an increased severity of symptoms. Ensure to work closely with your doctor and follow the instructions carefully. Making lifestyle changes can also help to reduce the risk, such as eating healthy, quitting smoking, losing weight and exercising regularly.

Prevent the Underlying Conditions

There are occasions where RBBB occurs without instigation and the exact reason is unknown. However, some conditions can attribute to the development of RBBB. Preventing these conditions can help significantly to prevent the occurrence or bundle branch block. The conditions include: high blood pressure, chronic obstructive lung disease, cardiomyopathy, heart attack, congenital heart disease, myocarditis, cor pulmonale, pulmonary embolism and/or medical procedures performed on the heart. Whilst some of these conditions may be unpreventable, simple lifestyle changes can have a hugely beneficial effect.If one can take care of the heart properly, he may never develop RBBB and they may never need right bundle branch block treatment.

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