Swollen Gums with Braces

Orthodontic treatment, specifically fixed appliances such as braces can enhance the risk of the diseases of gum, although it can make a remarkable improvement to your smile. Covering most of the surface of teeth, the braces hardware comprises of small plastic or metal brackets which are aligned with the teeth, along with the metal bands that are cemented on them. Both these components provide the small tracks to enable the teeth to move, as well as contribute towards gum changes.

What Can Cause Swollen Gums with Braces?

Firstly, the components of braces multiply the difficulty of biofilm removal and stagnation. Secondly, at times the tissues of gum just do not feel comfortable within close proximity to the braces and thereforere act by either swelling or overgrowing or both. These two issues work together to make the gums swell.

How to Treat Swollen Gums with Braces

1. Habitual Flossing and Brushing

Habitual flossing and brushing ensures that there are no plaques and food particles left out that may result in germ buildup, and helps to reduce the swelling of gums with braces on.

Make it a habit to brush your teeth subsequent to every meal to remove any dirt or leftover particles. As for brushing, use toothpaste that is recommended by the orthodontist or a fluoride toothpaste, and brush with proper manner so that the gum line can be easily accessed. As for flossing, you need to floss your teeth subsequent to each meal, and use a floss threader or a water sprayer as another alternative to get rid of the stubborn dirt and food particles from your entire mouth. Here's how:

2. Mouth Rinses and Washes

Mouth rinses and washes are required to reduce swollen gums with braces, besides keeping your gums and teeth healthy and clean. Create a habit of regularly rinsing your gums and teeth with a superior quality mouthwash – if possible one that comprises of fluoride. You can rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water solution to bring down swollen gums.

3. Medicines for Swelling

If the swelling gets out of control and becomes unbearable for you, you can consider taking medicines to diminish the swelling. So, you can choose an anti-inflammatory pain killer, such as buprofen/Advil, but only when it has been approved by your orthodontist.

4. Regular Massages

According to experts, massaging the gums could diminish inflammation and reduce swollen gums with braces as well as pain. The optimal method is to massage your swollen gums with a soft toothbrush. Just press it against the gums and teeth without applying any toothpaste, for approximately half an hour. This will most likely reduce the swelling of your gums.

5. Diet Changes

You need to make some diet changes to reduce swollen gums with braces to stay free from damage and dirt, and keep your gums and teeth healthy. Avoid the consumption of rough and hard textured foods, because such foods can increase the gum pain and swelling besides potentially damaging the brackets and wires. Foods which are a little difficult to bite, such as raw vegetables and fruits, crusty breads, nuts, etc. should be avoided at any cost. Also, avoid eating sticky foods such as candies or gums which can get stuck to the braces or teeth.

6. Lifestyle Changes

  • Lifestyle changes need to make to relieve swollen gums with braces. Smoking not only can stain teeth, but also destroy healthy gum tissues, leading to pain and inflammation. So try to avoid smoking at all costs, at least till the time you have your braces on. Moreover, other things like alcohol and tobacco should also be avoided as they could intensify the swelling and irritation in the gums.
  • Excess pressure placed on while chewing or biting can lead to irritation and swelling of the gums. Therefore, you should avoid habits such as chewing pencil/pen caps, biting nails and other similar actions. Habits like moving the tongue all over the teeth or biting the lip can also lead to gum pain and swelling.

7. Regular Orthodontist Appointments

Ensure that you visit your orthodontist regularly, particularly after the braces have been applied to your teeth. You can choose to get your teeth cleansed by a professional at least twice a year along with getting both your gums and teeth checked regularly for anomalies that can lead to swelling.

8. Solutions

  • Salt water: Solutions are one of the most common remedies to cure swollen gums with braces. Salt solution works like an antibacterial operator that gets rid of contaminants from the mouth and calms the inflamed gums. Mix half teaspoon salt in one glass of warm water then swish everything that is between teeth, around the mouth, aiming for the gums. Do not swallow much of the salty water. Hold for about five minutes prior to spitting it out.
  • Lemon water. Likewise, a solution of fresh lemon juice and water can also be used for the same purpose. Though, this may not give the same results as salt water solution, it will most likely taste better.

9. Clove Oil Application or Swish

Swollen gums with braces can be relieved by applying a little clove oil to reduce inflammation and pain. Make use of a q-tip to apply clove oil particularly on the swollen gums at least three times daily. Alternatively, you can also mix a few drops of clove oil with water and then use this mixture to swish it in your mouth. Clove oil is available from most health food stores and drug stores.

10. Stress Management

One essential method to evade stress is to get sufficient sleep. Fatigue can cause puffiness over the face and also in your gums, therefore, try and sleep for approximately 7-8 hours every night. When you are under stress, a synthetic called cortisol is released by the body, which has been linked with inflammation to the gums and other body parts.

Physical exercise can help reduce stress by releasing happy hormones which can provide you with a good temperament. This will also tire your body and lead to a sound night sleep. Disconnect from everything an hour before you go to bed so that you can relax yourself. Going for a walk, take a shower, or read a book alone can also diminish stress and relax yourself.