Taking Birth Control While Pregnant: Safe or Not?

While birth control pills work well, they do not offer 100 percent protection. There is a 1-3% chance you may conceive even if you are on the pill. This chance may increase if you do not know how to take the pill or if you forget to take one. The thing is that you may not realize you have become pregnant even after a few weeks of conception. It is event difficult to realize it if your monthly period is quite irregular. Should you be taking birth control while pregnant? Is it harmful to take birth control not knowing that you are pregnant? Keep reading to learn more.

Is It Harmful to Take Birth Control While Pregnant?

Research shows that taking progestin-only pills or combination birth control pills during early pregnancy is not harmful and does not lead to any birth defects. However, some studies have identified a connection between the use of birth control pills near conception and a higher risk of preterm delivery, low birth weight or congenital urinary tract abnormalities. Here is more about it:

Concerns for Birth Defects

If you have been taking birth control pills for a while and suddenly realize that you are pregnant, you should not get alarmed. There has been no clear evidence that progesterone and estrogen found in birth control pills has anything to do with birth defects. Some studies do link the use of progesterone only pills with ectopic pregnancy. It is therefore important to stop taking the pills immediately after you realize that you are pregnant.

Concerns for Miscarriage

There is no evidence confirming that taking birth control while pregnant has anything to do with miscarriage. The hormones in the pill do not cause abortion and only work to stop ovulation. Moreover, there is no negative effect on the development of fetus due to these pills.

Symptoms of Pregnancy While on Birth Control

Taking birth control while pregnant may not cause serious problems, but it is important to understand the symptoms that indicate pregnancy, so you could stop taking the pill. Here are some common symptoms of pregnancy:

1. Mood Swings

If you are quite an emotionally stable person but have started experiencing sudden mood swings, you may be pregnant. This happens due to an increased level of certain hormones during pregnancy.

2. Missed Period

If you usually have regular periods, a delay or not getting your period on time may well be a sign of pregnancy. Know that depression, stress and some other factors can also make your period irregular. It is therefore a good idea to take a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy.

3. Frequent Urination

Have you started paying more visits to the bathroom? Frequent urination is one of many signs of pregnancy. While it can happen due to other medical conditions, you experience it during pregnancy mainly because the uterus enlarges and puts more pressure on the bladder. This makes it difficult for the bladder to store more urine.

4. Breast Tenderness

Yet another common change you will notice in early pregnancy is tender and swollen breasts. It happens due to a change in the levels of certain hormones. Your breasts will look swollen and be quite painful to touch. Tender breasts are sometimes a side effect of the contraceptive treatment.

5. Sensibility to Smells

If you have suddenly become sensitive to smells that have never seemed to bother you in the past, you may be pregnant. You may even feel nauseous or throw up when you smell something strong. Some women become sensitive to delicate smells as well.

6. Change in Diet

You will notice change in your appetite when you're pregnant. You may lose your appetite or suddenly start craving for certain foods. Some women find it difficult to keep certain foods down.

Other Moms' Experiences on Taking Birth Control While Pregnant

"I was on the pill for the last 3 years and always had it at the same time every day. My period was a couple of weeks late and I went for a pregnancy test. The result was negative. It waited for another week and went for another test. This time it was positive. I continued taking the pill because I was not sure about my pregnancy. I am now 25 weeks pregnant and my baby is fine."

"I was using the NuvaRing when I became pregnant. I only discovered that I was pregnant at 8 weeks along. Only then, I stopped taking the pill. My baby is healthy and fine, but this has made me realize that no birth control method is 100% effective. We have now doubled up on protection and are more careful."

"I was taking the progesterone only pill when I came to know about my pregnancy. It was a surprise, but my doctor said it was not harmful for the baby. She also mentioned that they give women the same hormone in case there is a risk of miscarriage, so it is fine to take the pill even before someone finds out about pregnancy. By the way, I never missed any pill and still ended up pregnant."

"I was on micro lite pill when I was only 18. I kept taking the pill because I was sure I could not become pregnant while on the pill. The pill did not work the way it should be and I became pregnant. I realized it when I skipped a period. My doctor examined everything and confirmed that the baby was fine."

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