Why Do Black People Have Yellow Eyes?

There are numerous eye colors and yellow is one of the rarest of these colors. Most people assert that only the black people in the world have yellow eyes. It is still unclear whether this claim is true or not. But why do black people have yellow eyes? Does this happen due to a condition, or is there any meaning attached to this eye color? Let us explore this notion and find out all the answers.

Why Do Black People Have Yellow Eyes?

Black people have yellow eyes mainly because they may have subconjunctival fat deposit, high concentration of melanin, jaundice or muddy sclera. Now let's get a closer look at each one of them.

1. Subconjunctival Fat Deposit

Many Fillipinos as well as African Americans have great deposits of the subconjunctival fat in their bodies which contains great levels of carotene that results in a condition that mimics jaundice. The fat deposits become denser when the distance from your cornea increases which results in yellow eyes.

2. Higher Concentration of Melanin

Another reason behind the question "Why do black people have yellow eyes?" is the high concentration of melanin. Most Africans have high levels of melanin that results in yellow eyes. Melanin determines the color of your skin, sclera and eyes. When this concentration increases, the eye color becomes light yellow or muddy brown.

3. Jaundice

Jaundice, whether it affects a dark or fair skinned person, can result in yellow eyes. During jaundice, the bilirubin level becomes extremely high and it begins accumulating in your tissue and starts staining, which gives your sclera and skin a yellow color. Excess breakdown of hemoglobin, hepatitis, obstruction of the bile duct and liver failure can also result in yellow eyes.

4. Treating Jaundice

The treatment for jaundice is given to a person after observing their condition and find out the causes. Malaria and other symptoms like itching may happen. If a person has sickle cell anemia, they may be given blood transfusions for replenishing their RBCs, so their jaundice can be treated. In case the patient’s bile duct is obstructed, they might need to undergo an operation. Their gallbladder might be removed for preventing complications. If their liver is infected or damaged, they might have to undergo a transplant.

5. Muddy Sclera-A Normal Eye Variant

This is the last explanation for "Why do black people have yellow eye?" Muddy brown sclera refers to a condition in which a brownish discoloration takes place in your sclera. This condition normally affects African Americans. It is often mistaken as icterus and is basically a variant of the normal sclera. If you have muddy sclera, you need to visit an ophthalmologist to determine if you have to remove your eye’s outer part.

What Does Your Eye Color Reveal?

Now that you know the reasons behind "Why do black people have yellow eyes?" let's discuss what these different eye colors reveal about you.

1. Black

People who have black eyes are secretive and discuss their feelings with people once they become comfortable with them. They are loyal and passionate with their friends and are extremely intuitive.

2. Brown

Brown is amongst the most common eye colors. People with brown eyes are extremely self-confident, determined and independent. They are also regarded as trustworthy and give others a complete sense of stability and security.

3. Hazel

People who have hazel eyes are known to be spontaneous and accept any challenge easily. If you have hazel colored eyes with a strong hint of green, then you are probably very mischievous. However, if your hazel eyes lean towards the color brown, then you are easily approachable to others.

4. Gray

People with gray eyes are regarded as gentile and wise. They are sensitive, but have a lot of inner strength. They can think analytically and can easily adjust their moods according to different situations.

5. Green

When you pass the question "why do black people have yellow eyes", you will see more colors in eyes. One of them is green. People who have green eyes are quite mischievous, curious and passionate. They have a creative and positive perspective about life and they easily become jealous from others. However, they are extremely lovely as well.

6. Blue

Blue eye color is considered extremely desirable. Blue eye color is associated with eternal youth. People with blue eyes are incredibly attractive and have a peaceful and calm personality. They are also considered to be very knowledgeable.

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