Can Straining to Poop Cause a Miscarriage?

When you have constipation, you strain to pass stools, using the muscles on your abdomen. Women use the same abdominal muscles when delivering a baby, which makes people wonder whether straining to poop can lead to a miscarriage. Are these two really connected?

Can Straining to Poop Cause a Miscarriage?

Straining with constipation won't lead to a miscarriage, because uterus and bowels don't belong to the same system. Constipation is uncomfortable, but is rarely serious. If you are suffering from this condition, below-mentioned remedies should help relieve it:

  • Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and other fluids.
  • Get enough of fiber from sources such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
  • Exercise on a daily basis.
  • Talk to your doctor about taking laxatives.

Signs of Miscarriage

Symptoms and signs of a miscarriage are different for every woman and depend on the stage of pregnancy. Here are some general signs:

  • Back pain that is getting worse
  • Abdominal pain that becomes severer
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Vaginal bleeding and spotting
  • Clot-like tissue passing from the vagina

Contact your doctor immediately after noticing these symptoms. You are not necessarily going through a miscarriage, but your doctor won’t be able to know for sure until he/she has conducted some tests.

Common Causes of Miscarriage

Can straining to poop cause a miscarriage? You know the answer. So what are common causes?

1. Chromosomal Abnormalities

Around half of miscarriages occur due to missing or extra chromosomes, the majority of which happen during the growth of the embryo. Abnormalities of chromosomes can cause:

  • Anembryonic pregnancy, otherwise known as blighted ovum. This condition occurs when the embryo doesn't form.
  • Stillbirth. The embryo does form but dies soon after stopping to develop. 
  • Molar pregnancy in which the fetus gets two sets of chromosomes from the father, and none from the mother.
  • Partial molar pregnancy in which the fetus gets two sets of chromosomes from the father, but the mother's chromosomes remain as well.

These pregnancies aren't sustainable and in the end, the mother will have a miscarriage.

2. Mother's Health

Sometimes, maternal health conditions such as the following can cause a miscarriage:

  • Untreated diabetes mellitus
  • Problems with the thyroid gland
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Various infections
  • Problems related to cervix and uterus

3. Risk Factors

Can straining to poop cause a miscarriage? Don't overthink about this problem as it obviously will not cause you to miscarriage. Actually, there are other factors responsible for increasing the risk of pregnancy loss, some of which are:

  • Age. The older the woman, the higher the risk of a miscarriage. In women who are 35 years old, the risk is about 20%, in those who are 40, the risk is about 40%, and in those who are 45, it is about 80%.
  • History of miscarriages. If a woman has had two or more pregnancy losses, the chances of her having another one are high.
  • Problems with cervix and uterus. Weak cervical tissue and various abnormalities of the uterus can increase the risk of a pregnancy loss.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol consumption and drug abuse. Women who smoke, consume alcohol and abuse drugs are at higher risk of miscarrying than those who don't.
  • Weight. Underweight, overweight, as well as obese women have greater chances of losing their babies.
  • Certain invasive prenatal procedures. There are a couple of prenatal procedures that may increase the risk of a pregnancy loss, such as amniocentesis.

If the above-mentioned factors don't apply to you and you are only dealing with constipation, worrying about "Can straining to poop cause a miscarriage?" is pointless. 

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