These 12 Foods Can Cause Acne, Be Careful!

Everyone has to deal with acne at some point in their life. As acne is a complex issue, it is hard to determine what causes the breakout and why some people have more problems with acne than others. Researchers have shown that there is a connection between acne and diet. It is believed that some foods can cause acne, or make them get worse. For this reason, many doctors and estheticians advise eliminating certain types of foods from the diet for a certain period of time in order to see if this will help clear the skin and solve the acne problem. 

Foods That Cause Acne

1. Sweets

Cookies, candies, chocolates and cakes are all foods very high in sugar. Consuming too many of sweets is no good not just for the health of your skin, but for your entire body. If you are a sweets lover, try healthier options such as honey or fruits. You will soon start to notice results when it comes to the acne on your skin.

2. Animal Fat

Animal fat is one of the foods that cause acne, because it will pressure the sebaceous glands located under the skin, triggering acne. On the other hand, vegetable fat is very healthy, promoting skin health and preventing skin aging.

3. Bacon

Everybody loves bacon, but is bacon healthy? Being a very greasy food, bacon is a great contributor to acne development. Try to avoid bacon and limit its consumption as much as possible. You will start notice results.

4. Shrimps

Shrimps are not good for the health of your skin, often triggering acne. Shrimps are high in iodine which is no good for your health. They also contain allergens which can lead to acne breakouts and even skin rash. Try to avoid shrimps or limit their consumption as much as possible.

5. Potato Chips

Who does not love potato chips? But potato chips are one of the main causes of acne breakouts as they are made from oil and starch. Choose healthier foods instead for a better health.

6. Canned Food

Canned foods might be delicious and very quick to prepare, but these foods are no good for your skin’s health. Canned foods will make your acne problem get worse. These canned and processed foods also contain many chemicals which are no good for your entire body and not just your skin.

7. Spicy Food

Wonder foods that cause acne? Spicy foods are great acne contributors. We all know that spicy foods are no good for the digestive system, and as the digestive system is closely linked to the entire body health including the health of our skin, it is normal that eating too many spicy foods will lead to acne breakouts and other skin problems. If you want to solve your acne problem, try eating less spicy foods.

8. High-Glycemic Food

High-glycemic foods are foods that tend to break down quickly in the human body after consumption, raising the levels of glucose in the blood and triggering an insulin spike. They may trigger hormonal fluctuations and hence acne. 

Bread, white rice, potato chips, processed breakfast cereals, cookies, chocolates, cakes, etc., are all high-glycemic foods. For a better health, including the health of your skin, avoid these foods. Instead, try to eat more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes, whole grains, etc.

9. Red Meat

Well, red meat is considered as one of those foods that cause acne breakouts. If you are a red meat lover, make sure to consume only the meat from cows that have been fed from grass and not grains. Meat from cows that have been fed with grains contains more omega-6 ratios, which is known to increase the inflammation in the human body, contributing to acne breakouts.

10. Milk

We all know that milk has many great benefits for the human body. However, milk, especially skim milk, promotes inflammation in the human body, affects insulin and increases the oil production, which all contributes to acne. For this reason, cutting on milk and other dairy products will help you realize if these foods are the ones that trigger your acne. If your skin clears up, you should be careful when consuming dairy products in the future. Organic milk is a better option and healthier too, as it does not contain hormones which can just make your acne get worse.

11. Caffeine Drinks

Coffee, tea, energy drinks, sodas, chocolate and even painkillers contain caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the production and release of stress hormones from the adrenalin glands, which will increase the stress levels. Too much stress is not good for the entire body, including the skin, triggering acne this way.

Caffeine also interferes with your sleep. Normally, if you don’t get too much sleep, your skin will not have enough time to regenerate and detoxify, which will just make your acne problem get worse.

12. Alcohol

Alcohol is known to cause acne breakouts. Alcohol consumption leads to an increased heat index, sweating, and warmth. As a result, the skin pores will get clogged, leading to a breakout of acne. Alcohol is known to have dehydrating effects on the human body as well, which will dehydrate the skin and lead to even more serious acne problems.

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