How to Heal a Popped Pimple

Pimple-popping is a big no-no, as it leaves ugly scars on your face and pushes bacteria even deeper into your skin. In the event that you find yourself touching your pimple, it is best to take the necessary steps to heal a popped pimple to prevent infection and stop worsening the wound.

How to Heal a Popped Pimple

1. Rinse the Wound

A popped pimple will leave the affected area with inflammation and minor bleeding. To remedy this, rinse the affected area with cold water until the blood no longer seeps out of the wound. After the bleeding has subsided, you can clean your face with a gentle face wash that contains no skin irritants, such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide.

2. Compress the Wound

If the wound continues to bleed even after continuous rinsing, crumple a piece of facial tissue or a non-cotton shirt into a small ball and blow into it. Gently place the warm cloth on the affected area. Using the material as a compress helps stop the bleeding, while the moist and heat from your breath may help alleviate the pain. But don't use an actual hot compress with heated cloth which will exacerbate the swelling and cause more redness. Also, avoid cotton cloth, as cotton fibers can stick to the wound as blood clots around it.

3. Apply Antibiotic Cream

After stopping the bleeding and cleaning the affected area, the next step on how to heal a popped pimple would be to deal with potential infections. Try to apply an antibacterial cream or ointment, such as Soframycin, Polysporin, or Neosporin. However, apply only a very small amount on the wound and remove any excessive cream to prevent further irritation or breakouts. 

4. Keep It Moist

This can be done by applying Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, provided that it does not irritate your already broken skin. A safer alternative would be to use aloe vera gel which keeps the wound moist and also reduces redness, but evaporates more quickly and requires reapplication every so often. If you can't get your hands on aloe vera gel, another effective substitute would be cucumber gel.

5. Cover It Up

After moisturizing the wound, the next thing to do is to protect it with gauze or a round band-aid. For best results, you can try doing this step before bed. If you are wary about clogging your pores and suffocating your skin with this step, opt for the gauze instead of the band-aid.

6. Keep Hands Off

To prevent any more infections, swelling, and redness on the open wound, avoid contact with the affected area. Touching the skin with your bare hands or other objects may cause bacteria and dirt to accumulate, making the infection and irritation worse. Make sure that you clean your skin with a gentle facial wash until the wound closes and heals completely.

7. Ice It Down

Popping a pimple will cause the affected area to swell nd turn red. One surefire way of how to heal a popped pimple is to reduce inflammation by cooling it with an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel or plastic bag for up to 15 minutes.

8. Continue Your Acne Treatment

Any over-the-counter products and medications can help treat a popped pimple. Most medications possess properties that kill bacteria, so they can speed up the healing process and prevent the formation of even more pimples in the first place. 

9. Try Neem Leaves

Neem leaves are also great for treating wounds from popped pimples, as they can prevent infections because of their antiseptic properties. They can also repair broken skin and prevent scarring. To use, boil the leaves in water, and when the mixture is lukewarm, use it to wash the wounded area.

10. Use Hydrogen Peroxide

This is another good way to prevent infections and quicken the healing process. Dab a few drops on the wound with a cotton ball, carefully avoiding areas around the mouth and eyes. Be warned that this will sting your skin. You have the option to keep it on overnight or wash it after 15 minutes.

11. Try Honey

Honey is another solution to the problem of how to heal a popped pimple. It has antibacterial properties that can relieve swelling and redness while keeping your skin hydrated. Just wet your hands and the affected area, then apply honey directly on the skin. Wash off after 30 minutes.

12. Apply Tea Tree Oil

Applying a few drops of 10% tea tree oil solution to your wound is a good way to kill bacteria and heal the infection and broken skin. Tea tree oil will also help redness and swelling subside after a few weeks.

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