See How Technology Has Affected Us Positively and Negatively

Can you imagine the world without cars, planes, ships, phones, computers or the Internet? It’s almost unimaginable. Technology has made it possible for humans to conquer many obstacles as well as master space and time. It makes it possible for people to understand the goings-on in faraway places instantly. And yet, some technological advancement causes distraction, stress and isolation. This means that technology has both positive and negative effects.

How Does Technology Affect Us Positively?

1.     Long-Distance Communication

As opposed to the past when people maintained contact by writing and sending letters, mobile phones and the Internet have made it possible to communicate instantly, irrespective of distance. This has virtually contracted space so that friends and family located thousands of miles apart can maintain close contact through social media networks.

2.     Natural Disaster Prediction

While technology cannot prevent natural disasters, it can help to predict and mitigate their effects. Seismologists and volcanologists collect data which they use to map out areas which have structural vulnerabilities. They also use sensors to predict oncoming natural disasters. Meteorologists use modern technology to predict oncoming floods and hurricanes. They can thus warn residents to evacuate and governments to put mitigating measures in place.

3.     Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

How does technology affect us in medicine? Early diagnosis leads to early treatment. This is especially critical in cases of serious diseases such as cancer. Medical imaging techniques such as positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance therapy and photo acoustic imaging allow for early detection and treatment of brain tumors, breast cancer and other similar conditions. Prevention of blindness can be achieved through retinal implants, making it possible for many individuals to continue enjoying their sense of sight.

4.     Agriculture Mechanization

Technology in agriculture makes it possible for a small number of farm workers to produce large quantities of crops by applying minimal input within a short time. This leads to high return on investment. Technology is also used to produce genetically superior crops that resist diseases and pests, manufacture artificial fertilizers, and carry out efficient irrigation. Technology in agriculture has made it possible for successful farming to be carried out in dry and desert areas.

5.     Technology in Education

Modern technology has eased access to information for all. Technology has made education and the learning process easier and more accessible. Technologies applied to education and training programs include computers, projectors, the Internet, mobile phones and tablets. These visual learning tools make the process more interesting and effective. Use of information technology also allows the students and their teachers to exchange educational information at any time of the day or night. Information technology is also not limited by geographical boundaries so that training can reach any corner of the world.

6.     Trade and Industry

A lot of transactions are carried out within a very short time by electronic means. Besides, these transactions can happen between parties located in different countries or continents. Time and distance do not affect the accuracy of any calculations because this can happen automatically. How does technology affect us in business? The speed and efficiency has made it possible for startup entrepreneurs to compete with large businesses. This means that the consumers benefit from the alternatives arising as a result of the competition.

7.     Less Effects of Disabilities

Technology has made it possible for disabled persons to go beyond their disabilities and impact the world similar to other people. Hearing aids and cochlea implants make partially deaf and deaf people to hear. Speech-generating aids allow speech-impaired individuals such as scientist Stephen Hawking to express themselves through speech. There are promising results that technological advancement will help create brain-computer interface systems. Through them, communication will be possible for people with brain disabilities such as locked-in syndrome.

8.     Entertainment and Advertising

Information technology and specifically, the Internet, has completely changed the entertainment and advertising industries. Music, movies, games, radio and television programs can easily be played online, giving you numerous entertainment choices. Advertisers can place their adverts or commercials online for instant access by anybody. This allows startups and established businesses to easily market and sell their products around the world. 

How Does Technology Affect Us Negatively?

  • ŸSocial Isolation: It arises due to overindulgence in devices such as smartphones, which reduces personal contact with other people. As a result, the social skills of people can be affected.
  • ŸDistraction from the Surrounding: When engrossed in social media or other online activities on your phone, you can easily fail to notice things happening around you, such as vehicles on the road.
  • ŸObesity: As you spend more time online, you move less and are likely to keep snacking on fast foods, leading to weight gain.
  • ŸDepression: Isolating yourself from other people through excess use of technology sets you up for depression.
  • ŸSleep Disorders: Over-exposure to new information and the glow of the screen well into the night interfere with the production of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin.  
  • ŸCompromised Privacy: With online or GPS presence, it is impossible to keep your personal details and location private.
  • ŸDeceit: Due to the anonymity of the Internet, people can pretend to be anyone they want, make calculated contact and carry out their sinister plans.       
  • ŸFalse Reality: By creating an online presence and making online friends, you can easily imagine this to be real life and yet you still have to deal with real life issues.
  • ŸThumb Tendonitis: Due to continuous operation of a mobile or smartphone, the medical problem can occur.   
  • ŸHead and Neck Pain: Constantly bending to look at the small screen of your smartphone leads to poor posture, migraine and other pains.        
  • ŸShort Attention Span: Due to continuous news feeds, video and social media indulgence, people can't focus their attention over an extended period of time.
  • ŸTechnology Addiction: Studies have found that mobile device users show similar signs to drug addicts.
  • ŸCollapse of Sexual Boundaries: Due to the easy internet access, children are easily exposed to sexual content before they are old enough.
  • ŸAbsence of Empathy: Constant exposure to violence on TV, movies and video games leads to reduced empathy for others.
  • ŸViolence: Continuous exposure to virtual violence on the Internet leads to increased practice of violence.                
  • ŸNegative Impact on Children’s Development: This can happen as children spend more time on high-tech devices and have decreased direct interaction with their peers and other humans.
  • ŸHearing and Eyesight Problems: Constant use of earphones, headphones, mobile phones and computers can erode hearing and eyesight in the long term.

Final Verdict

Technology has many benefits when used positively, but it can have serious negative effects if abused or used negatively. It helps when you are aware of the positive and negative impacts of using technology so that you make the best of the positive.

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