How Many Calories Do You Burn in Sex?

Sex is great for your relationship, but you may not know that engaging in sexual activity with your partner can actually help you burn some additional calories. After all, there is a lot of snuggling, smoothing, and caressing involved in the act, so you are bound to lose some calories in the process. The thing is how many calories do you burn during sex? The answer depends on many factors actually.

How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?

That varies a lot depending on how hot your sex is and how long your sex session lasts. 

Having Sex: More than 144 Calories in 30 Minutes

That is right – you can easily burn off the chocolate you enjoyed after dinner by having sex with your partner. In fact, you can burn more calorie by making that sex session last long. Make it hot as well to burn 18-30 more calories in half an hour. Your sex position matters as well. You can burn more calories by being on top off your partner and moving your hip like a belly dancer. Of course, this will make sex a lot more enjoyable but you will also burn extra calories. To get better results, get in a position where you get on top of him in a squatting position. This way, you can burn more than 207 calories in half an hour.

Oral Sex: More than 10 Calories in 30 Minutes

If you can make that oral sex session last half an hour, you can certainly burn a good amount of calories. While your partner is going to enjoy every minute of it, you can use that oral sex session to burn 100 or more calories in 30 minutes. To make it more effective and turn into a workout, try oral sex while getting in a push-up position or try plan position. Mixing in some yoga moves would help burn 35 additional calories in half an hour.


How many calories does sex burn? This depends on how you approach the whole act. How active you are during the act will determine the number of calories you end up burning in an hour. Here is how you can get better results.

1. Kissing: 60 Calories in 60 Minutes

Here is another reason to spend more time kissing your partner before you get into the real act. Smooching is certainly a perfect way to show affection, but it can also help you burn fat. Vigorous kissing that involves some petting as well can help you burn more than 90 calories in an hour. When you two are in bed, you can take certain positions that would be fun and turn your sex session into a good workout session. For instance, have him on his back and then get in a push-up position. Now, come down to kiss him, then move back up to enjoy the moment and help burn additional calories.

2. Undressing: More than 8 Calories

Take your time while undressing your partner and you will be able to get a quick fat loss workout. Studies show that you can burn 8-10 calories while taking your clothes off, and your partner can also burn a lot while trying to remove your clothes. In fact, researchers have found that a man trying to remove a bra with his mouth can burn as many as 80 calories. It means that it is better to take your time while undressing. That striptease will make your partner want you even more and you will end up burning some additional fat.

3. Using Your Hands: 100 Calories in 60 Minutes

How many calories does sex burn? That depends a lot on how you act during the sex session. You can burn quite a few calories while using your hands on your partner. However, you can burn 50 additional calories if you get creative with that old-fashioned hand job. Get in a position that you can use your body in different ways. Be sure to use slow sensual strokes and do not forget to rock your body against his.

4. Fooling Around: 25 Calories in 15 Minutes

Foreplay can make your sex session a lot more fun. However, this will also help you get rid of some additional fat. You can burn 25 calories in 15 minutes if your body weight is 150 pounds. Spend more than 15 minutes in foreplay and you will certainly be able to burn many more calories. The more muscles you move, the higher the number of calories you end up burning.

5. Dirty Dancing: 170 Calories in 30 Minutes

A great way to make your sex session last longer is to spend some time in dancing. Dirty dancing can make your partner passionate about the sex session you folks are about to start. Kicking up your heels would help you burn more than 170 calories in 30 minutes. Be sure to engage your partner in the act to spice things up even more.

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