How to Make It Look Like You Weren't Crying

If you received some terrible news, and cried for several hours, you may end up with a puffed up face and red eyes. What to do if you have to meet some friends or work after that crying? You obviously don't want other people know that you cried. We have some ways to help you disguise in such cases.

How to Make It Look Like You Weren't Crying

1. Calm Down

Try to calm down first, and more crying will make your swollen face more prevalent. It is better to take several deep heavy breaths and focus on something else. 

2. Wash Your Face

Wash your face with abundant cold water while keeping your eyes shut. Take any contact lenses out in case you have them, and use a clean towel to dry your face in a gentle manner.

3. Treat Redness

If you wonder how to make it look like you weren't crying, use some eye drops that you can buy in any convenience store and apply 2 or 3 drops to both of your eyes. You can also use drops for your nose and lips in order to help blood vessels constrict.

4. Deal with Swelling

You can use Advil (ibuprofen) to reduce the inflammation on your face and relieve headaches that you might have. After doing this, use a cold gel pack wrapped in a towel to cool down the head area. Avoid leaving it for too long to avoid cold injury.

5. Use Eyewear

Sunglasses can help cover your red eyes; use thick framed glasses so people can get distracted and not notice your face.

6. Let Makeup Help

How to make it look like you weren't crying? If you are a girl, you can use makeup to disguise. Ideally, it is better to look like as casually as possible and act like there is nothing wrong with you.

  • Use a concealer with the lightest shade possible and apply a small dot on your lower lash line. Try to blend it with your eyeliner. Some women have a discolored under-eye region when they cry. In that case, use a slightly darker shade.
  • For the lashes, it is better to use a light coat of mascara. Avoid putting mascara on your upper lashes, but on your lower lashes. This is done to make your eyes look more natural.
  • In the case of lips, try natural colors and in case your lips are puffy because of crying, you can use some concealer. 

Other People’s Suggestions

The truth is that people tend to focus on themselves, so try to not feel so anxious about going out after crying. People will mostly believe that you had some sort of allergies if you are able to laugh, smile and talk as normally as you can. You can try to fake some coughs or a sneeze to distract people. 

Sometimes after watching a movie that makes me cry, it makes me feel very embarrassed to get out of the theater since my face looks like a red apple. That is why I always carry makeup and tissues in my purse in case I have to apply some emergency makeup. If there’s a bathroom close to you, just go inside and wash your face for several minutes while slowly breathing in order to turn your face to its normal color. It is also a good idea to carry face powder, a brush and some eye drops. This is especially helpful if you are wearing makeup and your eyes get red or irritated.

How to make it look like you weren't crying? Here is a way. Use a makeup removing wipe to clean your face in a gentle way if you feel like your makeup cannot be redone; this will keep your face moist and help clean the tear marks. It is also very soothing and will help keep your face clean and relaxed.

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