Is Painful Sex During Early Pregnancy Normal?

It is quite natural for women to start enjoying sex more during early pregnancy. This could be due to that first flush of pregnancy hormones. However, it is also natural for women to feel concerned about having sex during pregnancy. Painful sex in early pregnancy is not unheard of, and your anxiety may well be the reason. Can there be some other issues? Should you worry if you feel pain during intercourse?

Is Painful Sex During Early Pregnancy Normal?

Yes, it is quite normal. You are likely to feel pain because of an increased blood flow to your pelvic region during pregnancy. That engorgement can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. It is also possible to feel pain when your partner hits the cervix during the act – the uterus gets bigger during pregnancy, so your partner may hit your cervix in a different, rather painful way.

What Other Says

"I also experienced the same in my first pregnancy. My doctor said that the pain is due to the contraction of the uterus during the intercourse. She said that it is normal and I do not have to worry about it. I was concerned about the health of my baby, but they said that sex is not going to hurt my little one."

"I also had painful sex during early pregnancy. I asked my doctor and she said that it is normal and there is nothing to worry about. She also mentioned that I should seek immediate medical attention if I also notice blood with pain during sex. My doctor also advised me to stay away from intercourse for a little longer and resume my sexual activities a little later in the pregnancy. She said it is less likely to have painful intercourse after the first trimester. I hope she is right."

Could It Be Something Serious?

Yes, there can be many other underlying causes of having painful sex during early pregnancy. It could be due to a sexually transmitted infection like endometriosis or Chlamydia. A yeast infection or Trichomoniasis can also cause pain during sex. You may have an STI if you experience pain in your cervix, but any pain in the vagina could be due to a yeast infection.

When to Seek Help

You should call your doctor if your pain persists even after sex. Moreover, you should seek medical attention if your pain is severe and it triggers contractions. Any foul-smelling vaginal discharge along with pain in the vagina might require immediate medical attention, as you may have an infection.

How Can You Prevent It?

As mentioned already, your growing uterus may be making sex a bit painful during early pregnancy. One simple way is to change your position during intercourse. Any position in which you are not lying flat on your back usually works fine. Here are some suggestions:

  • Be on Top: During pregnancy, this position is going to offer higher levels of sexual satisfaction with less pain. You will not be on your back, so there will be no weight on your abdomen. You will also be able to control the depth of penetration. You can straddle your partner either facing the other way or facing him during the act. Your partner can also stimulate your clitoris during the act to make it more enjoyable for you.
  • Make Use of Your Bed: A simple tweak is to lie at the edge of the bed – you have to be on your back with knees bent and your buttocks perched at the edge of your mattress. Ask your partner to stand in front of you for penetration.
  • Try the Spoons Position: You have to be side-by-side to make this position more effective during pregnancy. This will ensure that your partner's weight is not on your bump, which makes things less painful. You can get a few pillows and place your top leg over it. The position also keeps your partner from penetrating deep into your vagina, which will also help reduce the discomfort.
  • Try the Doggy Position: It is yet another nice option that works great especially in late pregnancy. In this position, there will be no weight on your back and pelvis, and your partner will have an easy access to your clitoris throughout the act. The only consideration is that penetration in this position is usually quite deep, so tell your partner to thrust carefully if you notice any pain.
  • Sit on Him: Ask your partner to sit in the chair and then sit on his lap. In this way, there will be no weight on your uterus and you will be able to control the depth and rate of penetration. You can squat down or stand up during the act to manage things in a better way.
  • Do It While Standing: Another great way to avoid painful sex during early pregnancy is to have sex while standing up. Simply lean over a table and ask your partner to come behind you. There will be no pressure on your pelvis and back, and your partner can also stimulate your clitoris in this position.
  • Sit on a Table: Simply sit on a table and ask your partner to stand in front of you. Ask him to penetrate slowly. If you feel a bit uncomfortable, consider popping a cushion under your bottom.

Overall, you can try many different positions, and they will work when there is no pressure on your pelvis and back. You can certainly experiment a little to find the best position for you. Just be more communicative during the act and do not try to bear the pain. Look for ways to make it painless!

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