Positive Pregnancy Test After Abortion, Is It Normal?

Women procure abortions for various reasons, both personal and medical. In most cases, an abortion is safe, and you resume your normal life quite fast. However, you could get a positive pregnancy test after the abortion. How can this happen?

Is It Normal to Have a Positive Pregnancy Test After Abortion?

Absolutely! A positive pregnancy test is normal and common. Here is why:

HCG is a hormone that is released during pregnancy. It is detected in your urine to determine whether you are pregnant or not. Once a pregnancy is terminated, this does not mean that the level of hCG hormone in your body drops completely and immediately. Rather, it can take up to two months for the hCG levels to drop to below 25mIU/ml which is the lowest detectable level.

Usually, if you take a pregnancy test within the first two months after abortion, the chances are that you will get a positive pregnancy test result. This is often described as a false positive and the level of the pregnancy hormone (hCG) in your body is still detectable. So for your peace of mind, don’t have a pregnancy test until at least one month after the abortion.

Can You Be Pregnant Again?

The answer to this is also yes. After terminating a pregnancy, ovulation can take place even a week after the event, and if you are having unprotected sex, chances are that you are likely to get pregnant immediately.

If you think that you may be pregnant again, take two pregnancy tests one week apart to be sure. If the levels of hCG in the second test are lower (lighter), then you are probably not pregnant, and the hCG levels after the abortion are retreating. If your positive pregnancy test after abortion shows that hCG levels are higher (darker), then you are pregnant again.

Could Your Abortion Fail?

Yes, a positive test may mean your abortion is failed. If you are still unsure, do the following:

  • Get an ultrasound – This is the most certain way to determine whether the fetus was expelled. However, you should wait for at least two weeks before having a scan. Medical abortions take up to a number of weeks to be completed.
  • Have a blood pregnancy test – This is a good alternative to an ultrasound. Follow the one-week-apart procedure as discussed earlier in the urine pregnancy test.

More Questions You May Ask After Abortion

I Am Still Bleeding One Month Later After Surgical Abortion. Is This Normal?

Bleeding after surgical abortion is quite normal up to two months after the procedure. If the bleeding continues after the two months, something could be wrong, and you need medical attention immediately.

Bleeding for long could also be a sign of retained tissue. Other signs of retained tissues include:

  • Inconsistent abdominal cramping
  • Presence of blood clots
  • Foul-smelling discharge

Usually, there is nothing to worry about if you get a positive pregnancy test after abortion. In case of retained tissue, you may need to see your doctor for a second procedure soon.

I Had an Abortion More Than One Month Ago, but My Periods Haven’t Returned. Is This Normal?

Yes! It can take up to three months for your periods to normalize following an abortion. However, if after three months there is still no sign of menses, consult a healthcare provider.

How Soon After Abortion Can I Have Sex or Use Tampons?

Due to the risk of infection, doctors recommend that abortion patients should stay away from sexual intercourse, use of sex toys and tampons for up to three weeks after the abortion or until a physician is okay it. It is also recommended that you avoid bathtubs, swimming pools and hot tubs.

Start using contraception immediately if you resume sex. Remember it is still possible to get pregnant soon after termination of a pregnancy. Therefore, don’t wait for either the bleeding to stop or your menses to start. Otherwise, you might soon find out that you are pregnant.

I Am Pregnant Right After an Abortion. Is This a Problem?

In case you get a positive pregnancy test after abortion, it may mean that you are pregnant again. But don’t worry. It is completely safe to either carry on with the pregnancy or end it. There is no implication on fertility problems in future. Carrying the pregnancy to term is still safe for you and the baby.

Are There Any Care Tips After Abortion?

  • Stave off alcohol for at least two days following an abortion.
  • Take plenty of rest and avoid physically demanding work such as heavy lifting.
  • Take plenty of fluids.
  • Do not exercise for at least two weeks.
  • Take your prescribed medication in full dosage.
  • Take vitamin supplements and eat healthy food.
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