Positive Pregnancy Test Then Negative: What Happened?

Many women are very nervous when doing a pregnancy test. It can be even more nerve-wracking if you get a positive pregnancy result, but then it turns negative when you test again. Don't panic! Many factors can lead to this condition, and understanding all the possibilities is very important.

Why Do You Get a Positive Pregnancy Test Then Negative?


1. Chemical Pregnancy

Chemical pregnancy means that you experienced an early miscarriage and then your pregnancy has terminated. Because you were really pregnant at first, so your pregnancy test may show a positive result, but after your miscarriage, the test result will turn to negative. Symptoms of chemical pregnancy are very mild, so you may even don't know you had a miscarriage.

2. Incorrect Test

You may not follow the instructions correctly or interpret the result in the right way. For example, if you read the result after the suggested time range, the faint evaporation line may make you think that you get a positive result.

3. Out-of-Date Test Kit

If you get a positive pregnancy test and then negative, maybe you should check the expiration date of your test kits. The chemicals in test kits are very sensitive, and the result can be false if they are out-of-date.

4. Fertility Drugs

If you get a positive pregnancy test then negative, the hormone therapy may be what caused it. Many pregnancy tests detect the hCG levels in your urine, and there will be a sharp increase in this hormone when you are pregnant. However, certain fertility drugs also contain hCG and will cause the levels of this hormone to spike in your urine, making you get a false positive test result.

5. Influence of Last Pregnancy

After delivering your baby, your hCG levels will continue to be high for a period. If you take a pregnancy test during this time, the result can be positive. In this condition, you'd better consult your doctor.

6. Medical Conditions

The presence of certain diseases such as islet-cell tumors or trophoblastic can lead to a false positive result of pregnancy, and you may get a negative result due to the instability of these diseases. Although these are rare, you should see your doctor as soon as possible if you are concerned.

Is It Possible to Be Pregnant If the Test Result Is Negative?

You may feel disappointed when getting a positive test result and then negative, but a negative result does not necessarily mean that you are not pregnant. The result could just be a false negative result or you may not use the test kit properly. Although the likelihood of a false negative result is becoming smaller with the advancement in these tests, it can still happen. Here are some suggestions for doing the pregnancy test correctly.

  • Make sure that the test is not being used beyond its expiry date.
  • Follow the instructions on using the pregnancy test carefully.
  • Your hands must be clean and free of any contaminants before you begin the test.
  • Pee for a few seconds before you pee on the stick to get the most accurate result.
  • Wait for the stipulated time to see the test result.
  • Let the stick rest on a flat surface until you read the result.

How to Make Sure That You Are Pregnant

If you get a positive pregnancy test then negative, the best way to be sure that you are pregnant is to be tested by a doctor. This can be done by either a blood test or a urine test. Government clinics and other foundations like Planned Parenthood can also provide these services to help you confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

You Are Not Alone

"I once bought some cheap testing kits, and I got a positive pregnancy test then negative. I rushed to the doctor to confirm, and they said I was not pregnant, and they tell me at-home pregnancy test must always be repeated for accuracy."

"Last week I took three different pregnancy tests and all of them came back positive. I again tried the same thing after the doctor told me that I was not pregnant, and then all the tests came back negative. These false positive results were due to the fertility pills that I was taking."

My friend had a positive pregnancy test and then got a negative result a few days later, because she was on hCG hormone therapy. She did not wait long enough after the therapy and thus had a false positive test.

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