Pressure In Lower Abdomen While Pregnant

Is your lower abdomen hurting with a dull feeling akin to menstrual cramps in your pregnancy? This is called pelvic pressure. When faced by pressure in lower abdomen, pregnant women can get worried. However, this feeling is common and not a cause for alarm. During pregnancy, the baby in the womb grows constantly and you might not feel any discomfort for the first two trimesters. By the third trimester, the baby is quite big and its weight is an extra load for the pelvis which causes pelvic pressure. While pelvic pressure is normal, consult your doctor to rule out any complications.

What Causes Pelvic Pressure During Pregnancy?

Pressure in lower abdomen during pregnancy is the result of the following:

  • Increasing weight of the expanding uterus pushing down on the pelvis
  • Stretching ligaments in the pelvis

As the baby grows and gets bigger, the uterus expands to accommodate it. This extra weight is borne by the pelvis. At the same time, the ligaments supporting the heavier uterus are overstretched. The result is pelvic pressure that may be accompanied by sharp, numb pain in the area and even within the thighs. As the due date approaches, the baby gets to the "head down" position and the pelvic pain will normally ease around this time.

How to Relieve Pelvic Pressure

When suffering from pressure in lower abdomen, pregnant women can take the following steps to ease their discomfort:

  • Take Warm Baths. A warm easy bath helps you relax and get relief from the lower abdominal discomfort.
  • Try Pelvic Exercises. Pelvic exercises that shift the pressure from your pelvis can give you lots of comfort. A physical therapist will help you choose the right exercises for you.
  • Walk. Easy walks at different times the day will help ease the pelvic discomfort. It helps to do this in low heels with sufficient arch support.
  • Avoid the Stairs. Whenever you can, avoid climbing the stairs if you are suffering from pelvic pressure. If, however, you have to take the stairs, do it at a comfortable and easy pace without exerting excess pressure on one leg.
  • Have Prenatal Massage. You can try prenatal massage to see how it works for you. It is said that massage can greatly ease the pressure for moms-to-be.
  • Put Pillows Between Your Legs. Sleep on your sides with pillows between your legs. This will help align your hips and ease some of the lower abdominal pressure.
  • Try Belly Sling. When suffering from pressure in lower abdomen, pregnant women can use a belly sling to reduce the discomfort. A belly sling is a crossing device made with elastic material that supports your belly, easing some of the pressure from the pelvis.

Meanwhile, as you weigh these tips, try sitting on a firm, straight-backed chair. You can also try a warm compress or an ice pack on the area of discomfort or pain. If this does not help, consult your doctor. Here’s a video you can watch for the three exercises to relieve pelvic pressure and pelvic pain. 

When to See a Doctor

Conventional methods of relieving pelvic pressure and pain will work most of the times. However, in the following instances you need to seek attention of a health care expert:

  • You notice any kind of bleeding.
  • You are in such extreme pain that you are unable to walk.
  • You have a fever, chills, a severe headache or you feel fatigued or dizzy.
  • You suffer from persistent nausea or vomiting.
  • You get four or more contractions within one to two hours.
  • You notice a greenish, bloody or watery vaginal discharge .

Experiences Sharing

I'm suffering from an on-off dull pressure in my pelvic area since Saturday. It started when I was walking, sight-seeing and it’s still happening today as I work at my office. The pressure is within the lower abdomen/uterus area. The feeling is similar to what happens during AF. No cramping though. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I don't know if this is normal or I should be worried. I'm not bleeding or spotting, only feeling weird with this menstrual pressure. I would hate to visit the doc like an emergency case and wait to be seen for a normal condition in pregnancy. Someone suffering, or has suffered from a similar condition? Please share!!!

I am 26 weeks pregnant and getting lots of pressure inside my pelvis, feeling like a rock inside. It's so painful right now and I'm wondering if I should see my doctor because my family has a history of preterm labor. Someone kindly tell me whether this is normal or I should be worried. My doc said not to worry, but I'm in so much pain, the meds don't work and I have high blood pressure. What should I do? Please help...

I'm in my first pregnancy and at 30 weeks have pressure in lower abdomen, pregnant women's comments give me some relief. The discomfort is worst whenever I sit or lie down for long. My sister who's a nurse says this is normal since the cervix is soft as it prepares for my son's birth. I've been suffering from this pelvic pressure for a long time and I'm considering consultation with my doctor.

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