Should I Get an Abortion? Consider the Factors

Unplanned pregnancy affects millions of women all over the world. If this happens to you, there are three options to consider: abortion, adoption and parenting. Making the best decision is a complex process that requires you to think how each alternative option can impact you. Should you get an abortion or choose another option? 

Should I Get an Abortion?

While contemplating the question, here are some considerations to help you make an informed decision.

1.    Examine Your Current Situation

Whatever decision you make, it is going to have a big impact on you. It is vital that you ponder on your current situation.

  • Think about your financial standing. Having a baby and raising it call for serious financial commitment. Consider if you can afford to do so.
  • Explore your personal feelings and beliefs about abortion because your decision will have mental and emotional consequences. If the thought of having an abortion makes you uncomfortable, you may want to consider adoption.
  • Think about the people around you: your support network. Will they be there for you both emotionally and physically if you decide to go ahead with an abortion?

2.    Discuss Your Feelings with Others

When making such a big decision, it is good to involve your loved ones, especially those you know will not judge or ostracize you. A lot of women with unplanned pregnancies usually feel isolated or lonely. Talk to those in your support network who you are comfortable with. There are 3 major things you should consider when discussing your feelings with others:

  • Discuss your feelings with the father, if he is present in your life. Also get to know what his feelings are. Remember though, that the final decision is yours to make.
  • It is important to reiterate that the decision is yours alone. If you feel that someone in your support network is trying to sway or pressurize you into something, politely but firmly remind that the ultimate decision is yours to make. 
  • It will help you a great deal if you talk to people who have had an abortion before. If they are comfortable talking about it, get to know their feelings and how the decision impacted their life.

3.    Make a List

Should I get an abortion? It is a complex question. Making a list is a great way to help you make a decision if you are unsure. Jot down the pros and cons of terminating your pregnancy. This can really help you know your inner thoughts and make the decision.

4.    Talk to a Counselor

It is important to talk to a professional who is unbiased and nonjudgmental. A professional counselor will help you to explore all your options without trying to sway your decision in a particular direction. Do some research about the local counseling agencies. Make sure that they do not have any political or religious affiliations that may raise some red flags with you.

5.    Make a Timely Decision

While it is important to be completely sure about your decision, understand that in the case of having an abortion, the earlier the better. This not only gives you more options, but also makes the procedure easier. Also note that it is illegal to abort a pregnancy which is more than 24 weeks in most states in the United States.

A Comparison of Three Options to Help You Make the Decision

Abortion, adoption and raising the baby are all viable options to consider when dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. Should I get an abortion? If you are still hesitating, following in-depth information on the 3 options will help you make an informed decision:

1.     Adoption

You can choose to carry the baby to term and give it up for adoption to a loving and stable family. There are millions of families who are unable to have biological children and look forward to adopting a child. There are two major options in adoption.

Open Adoption

In open adoption, you get to meet and interact with the adoptive family. This gives you a chance to know the environment where your child will grow up in. It can give you peace of mind with your decision.

Having an open adoption ranges from having occasional contact to playing an active role in your child’s life, depending on the arrangements. It is important to talk to your lawyer or adoption agency about the arrangements to avoid complications.

Closed Adoption

In this arrangement, you and the adoptive family will have no contact whatsoever. However, provisions can be made for your child to contact you once he/she reaches adulthood.

2.    Abortion

If you decide to have an abortion, make sure you visit a trained professional for the procedure. If you are below the age of 18, you may need to involve your parent(s). Should I get an abortion? If you settle for this decision, there are two types of abortion to consider:

Medical Abortion

This is performed in the first seven weeks of pregnancy. It involves taking two pills. One given in the clinic to stop the growth of the embryo; the second one, taken 36 hours later at home, causes the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy tissue. This process is accompanied by heavy cramping. Make sure to visit the clinic after the abortion for checkup.

Surgical Abortion

This is performed when the pregnancy is advanced, usually up to 20 weeks. It involves anesthesia and a suction tube to remove the pregnancy tissue. A surgical abortion may require that you stay in the clinic for a few days.

3.     Keeping the Baby

Although your pregnancy may be unplanned, raising the baby could turn out to be a positive experience for you. Make sure to follow a healthy diet and get proper prenatal care if you choose to keep the baby. 

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