8 Great Benefits of Spinach Juice

Besides all the nutrients spinach provides, juicing allows you to easily mix it with other nutritious ingredients, as well as put it in a form easy to transport and enjoy. Categorized in the same vegetable family as beets and kale, it is full of essential vitamins and minerals, works to remedy or prevent numerous health concerns, and tastes great!

Benefits of Spinach Juice

1. Great Source of Vitamins

Spinach juice is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. The recommended daily vitamin A intake can be obtained in only 1 ounce. That is a big impact for such a small amount! Vitamin A is vital to a healthy thyroid, a strong immunity, and good night vision. Besides vitamin A, spinach juice contains zinc, fiber, niacin, vitamins B6 and C, E, K, calcium, magnesium, protein, iron, folate, copper, thiamin, potassium, manganese and phosphorus.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure

The high levels of potassium in spinach juice can help individuals with high blood pressure. Potassium can negate the bad effects of sodium in your body, which in turn can assist in regulating your sodium levels and thwarting off high blood pressure problems. In general, greens like spinach and kale are a good dietary food for those with these types of health concerns.

3. Maintain Weight

Spinach juice is high in dietary fiber. A single serving contains upwards of 3 grams. The recommended daily intake for men is 38 grams and for women 25 grams. Since most people do not get enough fiber each day, drinking spinach juice can help, as well as make you feel full. This can help with maintaining your weight and reducing your risk of constipation.

4. Healthy Bones

Calcium is a must when it comes to healthy bones. A major spinach juice benefit is a single serving provides 12 percent of your daily recommended calcium intake. Your teeth need its fair share of calcium as well. By keeping your calcium levels where they should be, you greatly reduce your chance of osteoporosis. It also helps with blood vessel and muscle contraction through preserving nerve transmissions.

5. Red Blood Cell Growth

When you have the nutrients you need, your body is able to create the red blood cells you need to be healthy. Spinach juice ranks high as an effective blood builder. In addition, its vitamin K content helps maintain your blood levels, blood thickness and clotting abilities.

6. Strengthens Hair

Spinach juice benefits includes strong hair and healthy skin. Full of vitamin A, C and iron, it helps keep both as their best. Vitamin C promotes the creation of collagen, which is also great for both skin and hair. Vitamin A is a key ingredient to sebum, your hair’s natural oil. Iron reduces your risk of hair loss, as well as makes it stronger and healthier.

7. Digestive Health

Because spinach juice has a high fiber content, it also helps with digestive issues. It reduces your chances of overeating, helps keep your food consumption in check and helps you maintain healthy bowel movements. The added fiber to your diet keeps you from getting constipated.

8. Heart Healthy

Heart disease is one of the number one killers of adults in the U.S. Good cardiovascular health is definitely one of the spinach juice benefits. High in folate, also known as folic acid, it helps reduce stroke risk, prevents artery walls from thickening, and assists in maintaining elasticity in your blood vessels and arteries. These benefits are key in heart attack prevention and recovery. The high levels of nitrate in spinach juice is known to speed recovery times. In fact, one study recommends we eat up to 9 ounces of vegetables rich in nitrate to prevent heart problems. Other types of dark leaf vegetables carry similar benefits as spinach.

Juicing Tips

If you don’t particularly like the way spinach juice tastes, here are some tips to make it more delicious:

  • Create a base from cucumber, zucchini, romaine lettuce, carrots or parsley. They have a natural sweetness that complements spinach.
  • Add spices and herbs that enhance flavors. However, add slowly as they can overpower the spinach juice quickly.
  • Remember, spinach juice may have a strong flavor to you, but so do other juices. With this in mind, combine it with milder juices such as celery, lemon or apple so that it complements its taste.
  • Sometimes instead of a little sweetness, you might like a little heat. Consider adding a jalapeno pepper or red chile to your spinach juice during blending. It will add some zip to the distinctive spinach flavor.
  • Other spices that can add different flavor textures include mint or ginger. Use sparingly or they may become overwhelming.
  • A mixture of kale and spinach can taste grassy to some, so a dash of chile pepper flakes can fix the issue. Lemon and apple juice can help ease the earthy flavor, too.
  • Adding fruits like apple, pineapple and bananas to the blender with the spinach can naturally sweeten the flavor.
  • Some people like to add milk, which not only adds its own nutrients to the spinach juice benefits, but gives it a creamy and smooth texture.
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