21 Things You Can Do for Your Mom's Birthday

Your mom’s birthday is here and like every year, this year you’re out of ideas about what to do on her special day. But you don’t have to stress yourself over such a minor issue. Yes, that’s right. It is a minor issue because we have the solution (or rather, solutions) right here for you!

Here are 21 things to do for mom's birthday

1. A scrap book: If you suck at cooking or making creative stuff for your mom, then try a scrap book. Print out all your fav memories of her with you and create a scrap book with them. Leave some pages blank so that you can fill them on every year with newer memories.

2. A spa day: Give her a facial, mani-pedi and a hair spa!

3. Spa in a basket: If you’re good with DIYs, then you can create bath bombs, body scrubs and even soap, put them all in a basket, tie a beautiful ribbon and gift it to her as a Spa in a Basket!

4. A spa Gift certificate: IF creating spa-day stuff for her is too difficult for you, then shell out some money and gift her a weekend getaway at one of the city’s best spa resorts.

5. Make her an Exploding box card: Fill it up with pretty decorative paper and ribbons, or pictures from your childhood - totally up to you. Here’s the tutorial

6. DIY photo fridge magnets: Now these photos can be of you and her, of your entire family, her prom pictures or her photos with her friends – the content is totally up to you. But you can definitely surprise her with these very simple to create magnets.

7. Dedicate a song to her: On the radio, that is. This is one of those things to do for mom's birthday which is kinda old school. I know, but your mom’s gonna appreciate it, especially if she’s of the age where she grew up listening to the radio.

8. Babysit your siblings: Gift your mother a quiet date night with your dad by offering to babysit your siblings. She does deserve to feel special for at least one night, doesn’t she? Without having to worry about her troublesome children, that is.

9. Go to the salon with her: Shows great determination on your part, especially if you’re a guy. And while you’re at it, get your hair and feet done too!

10. A family photoshoot: You can either hire a professional photographer for this (if your budget permits), or simply call on one of your friends who is good at photography. The cherry on top of the cake would be if you can gather all family members under the same roof on her birthday.

11. Do her chores: And why not? She deserves to feel like a queen on her birthday. And what kinda queen does her own chores? Divide the household chores between yourself and your siblings. And if it’s your dad’s day off, make him work too.

12. Make her binge watch her fav movies: This is one of the most effortless things to do for mom's birthday. Bring around your laptop, connect your speakers to it, dim the bedroom’s light and give your mom a movie theatre experience. Serve her popcorn and cold drinks time and again, ask for refills and if you want, plop down beside her and give her company and she enjoys watching her fav movies.

13. Call or text her during office hours: If she’s working on her special day, the least you can do is call her up and tell her how much she means to you. It will instantly brighten up her day, especially if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t communicate much digitally with her.

14. Gift her plants: If she’s into gardening or is simply fond of house plants, go ahead and indulge her. Buy her easy to maintain indoor plants, or beautiful flowers that could brighten up her garden. If your budget permits, invest in some bonsai.

15. Learn to cook her fav meal: And then surprise her on her birthday by whipping it up for her. The look on her face will be better than the best return gift you could expect from her. If you suck at cooking, then...

16. Order her fav takeout: And enjoy a quiet dinner with her. Or a dinner full of jokes and talks – whatever floats her boat. He’s gonna appreciate this if you’re the kind of person who is too busy with her personal or professional life to shower her mom with her time.

17. Stationery: Including envelops and return address stickers, if your mom’s the type who sends cards to family members during important holidays.

18. A book signed by her fav author: Or her fav book signed by its author. Both work.

19. A gratitude jar: All you need is a small glass jar and scraps of colorful paper. Jot down all that you’re thankful to her for. Make little strips, fold them, and plop them into the jar. For added effect, write as many notes as her age will be. So if she’s turning 37, write down 37 things you’re thankful/grateful for because of her. Decorate the jar and bam! Your Gratitude Jar is complete!

20. Fix stuff: If you’re a fixer-upper, then it’s the best time to flex your muscles. Fix those broken boards or tiles that she’s always complained about. Replace those broken window glasses, repair her TV or washing machine, and make her life that much easier. She would be very grateful to you if you do such things to do for mom's birthday.

21. Take time out to teach her about technology: Especially if she has relatives living in other cities with whom she would love to be on regular touch. Teach her how to use apps like Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp. Take off an entire day to explain all her doubts to her so that she can get in touch with her loved ones without having to rely on you.