Why Do You Binge Eat?

All of us loves eating. However, there are some who tend to overeat regularly and lose control over the situation. This is a sign of a medical condition known as binge eating disorder. It leads one to eat too much until a point with the feeling of discomfort, guilt, depression, and shame. They also beat themselves due to lack of self-control and worry too much on the effects of compulsive eating in their body. Then why does it happen? You will get the answer from this article and keep in mind it can be properly handled and there are treatments available.

Why Do I Binge Eat?

Binge eating is a common disorder experienced by most adults. This condition together with other binge behavior may be due to the following reasons.


Binge eating can be due to biological abnormalities. This may include abnormal sending of signals to the different control systems of the body. Some researches also show that genetic mutation may also lead to addiction in foods.


Binge eating can result from too much stress, anxiety, and depression. It is a simple way to escape from sadness and unhappy thoughts, which trigger a binge due to low self-esteem, poor impulse control, dissatisfaction, and difficulty in handling of feelings. However, extreme cases may also be a sign of an underlying medical disorder that needed to be diagnosed.


Binge eating can give a feeling of happiness and satisfaction before the feeling of regrets sets in. This is due to brain’s secretion of a chemical known as dopamine and serotonin whenever a feeling of awesomeness is experienced. It tends to become an addiction and allows more cravings for chemicals in the body.


Why do I binge eat? Check if you have under social pressure. The pressure of the environment and the culture tends to affect this disorder. This is further affected by the lack of strong self-confidence. Some people give the impression that being the “norms” should be strictly followed or else you don't belong to a certain group. That’s when pressure sets in, leading to binge eating and other behavior.

Helpful Tips to Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating can be prevented and controlled with proper knowledge of the condition. You can try the following helpful tips to control eating.

•    Seek medical help

Binge eating can be hard to control on your own, especially when emotional problems are involved. Proper handling from a counselor can better uncover the different triggers and negativities that increase the risk of your behavior.

•    Avoid using any labels

Learn to accept that you are not a bad person and you are not doing bad things. Never label yourself as anyone, just to become self-fulfilled. It may be hard to get over these wrong beliefs and habits, but knowing your worth will help you discontinue the cycle.

•    Pause for a while

When the urge to eat arises, stop for a while and ask yourself “Why do I binge eat”. There are times when you focus on the feeling that you want to eat without realizing the reason for eating those stuff. If you tend to use food as a coping and escape tool, then you may lose the signal for satisfaction. Always bring the focus back to your situation.

•    Change your environment and culture

Change your norms and habits. Doing so will allow the return of yourself and allow you to focus more on your behavior. This will also give you a chance to come up with a more purposeful and persistent decision.

•    Give in to your cravings

Avoid hindering yourself from eating something since it will only cause you to try harder and overeat them later. Instead, if cravings arise, allow yourself to eat, but remember to keep it in small and moderated amounts.

•    Never try a different diet

Changing diet plans is not a solution for binge eating. Strict diets, which normally include limiting or eliminating of foods, can strengthen the desire to binge eat.

•    Abandon cheat days

Some may say that cheat day is the solution to your binge problems. However, it may also encourage binge eating due to the cravings, thinking, and cramming over the foods too munch.

•    End restrictive diets

Why do I binge eat? The deprivation of a particular thing can trigger depression, stress, anger, and anxiety, which can then lead to binge eating. Instead of thinking about restricting yourself, try to think of adding something new but healthy alternative into your diet.

•    Stop trying to be perfect

Accept who you are and what you are. Being a perfectionist tends to develop this disorder, making them feel right. Always remember the saying that “perfect is the enemy of the good”. So just relax and live life to the fullest.

•    Distract yourself

Try to distract yourself by making yourself busy. Try doing other activities like walking in the park, biking with friends, watching your favorite movies, or even calling a friend. Once you build interest in these new activities, you will avoid binge eating easily.

•    Practicing delaying attitude

Be sure that you are ready to give up and fight the urge to binge eating. if you are not yet ready, then try to delay and hold it for a minute or two. You can opt to increase the waiting time until you make your heart to get rid of the binge problem.

•    Have a positive support

The best solution is to look for people you trust who can support you in your endeavors. Choose people who will understand you and the situation you are going through. Communicate with them and ask them for their opinions and suggestions on how to properly handle the situation. Sharing what you have in mind and what you are going through can make you feel a lot better.

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