Why Do You Always Get Chapped Lips?

Having chapped lips are not only seen during the cold season. Apparently, you can experience this any time of the year. Aside from the external factors, there are other causes as well why your lips are getting dry. Note that a good health always starts from the inside. Hence, it is only essential that you know what these causes are so that you could match the right remedies. Here, you will learn the usual causes of chapped lips and how to cure it.

Why Do I Get Chapped Lips All the Time?

There can be a lot of reason why you get chapped lips. Here are the top causes that you should note:

1.  Dehydration

Number one cause is the lack of water intake. Lips are not the same as skin which contains oil glands. Hence, a little lacking water in your system will easily make your lips dry.

2.  Licking of Lips

It is important to note that saliva evaporates. Every time you lick your lips, the moisture escapes making them even drier. The same is true for biting and chewing your lips. It all makes your lips dry.

3.  Nutrient Deficiency

When you have an imbalanced diet, there is a huge possibility that you have low levels of zinc, iron, and B vitamins that are vital to making your lips healthy. Normally, when you lack these nutrients, it leads to the corner cracks of the lips.

4.  Exposure

Lips, in general, are sensitive. The reason behind is that the coating of it is very thin and delicate. Which is why the most common answer to “why do I get chapped lips all the time?” is the changes in weather and season which can affect the overall appearance and condition of the lips. For instance, too much exposure to sunlight will cause the lips to become dry and the same is true when lips are exposed to dry winter air.

5.  Allergies

Allergies to cobalt and nickel are only some of the most common allergies that cause dry and chapped lips. When you have too much B vitamins, it usually increases the possibility of being allergies to cobalt.

6.  Reaction to Products

In relation to allergies, note that some toothpaste and lipsticks have certain ingredients that will irritate your lips. Others such as lip balms and lip cares can even cause bad reactions if these products are not taken into grave considerations.

7.  Mouth Breathing

There are those people who unintentionally breathe through their mouths. While this act may probably be inevitable (in case you have colds or nasal allergies), you may notice that it deteriorates the natural coating of the lips. Apparently, constant passing through of air in the lips can definitely dry the lips.

8.  Not Protecting Them

Your lips are dry due to many reasons. But, this concern will get even more serious if not taken care properly. Most people tend to disregard lip protection. People who ask “why do I get chapped lips all the time” may simply be the ones who neglect to protect their lips.

9.  Medication

If you are taking medicines prescribed by your doctor, these medicines may be the cause of your chapped lips. Some examples include Propranolol for blood pressure and Accutane for acne and wrinkles.

10.  Medical Conditions

Having chapped lips can also be a symptom of a certain illness or disease. It is important to note that intense dryness of the lips is not always that simple. For instance, people who have diabetes, down syndrome, and autoimmune diseases are seen to be the most victims who have dry and chapped lips.

How to Relieve or Prevent Chapped Lips

Now that you already know the most common reasons why you probably have chapped lips, it is much easier for you to know what will help you cure and prevent this.

  • Drink a lot of water and never forget to rehydrate especially during summer season.
  • Stop the habit of licking your lips. You may think you are wetting them, but the truth is you are just drying it even more.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits. Having a great and balanced diet can naturally prevent you from having chapped and cracked lips.
  • When going out, never forget to put sunscreen. Utilize balm and essential oils that are rich in vitamin E. You may try using almond oil.
  • When choosing your cosmetics, especially lipsticks and lip shimmers, look for the ones that have shea butter and macadamia oil.
  • If you can’t find shea butter and vitamin E on your favorite lipsticks, try putting some essential oil and healing balm first before applying your lipstick.
  • Before going to sleep, slice a cucumber and place it on your lips. It will heal the outer layer of your lips.
  • Never pluck or scratch the chapped parts of your lips. This will only deteriorate the layers.
  • Lessen the spicy foods! Yes, they do cause your lips to dry out and get chapped. Try sticking to a good diet that does not require spicy and hot.
  • Turn on the humidifier during sleep hours so that the moisture stays even when you sleep.
  • Always breathe through your nose, no matter what.
  • Avoid citrus fruits and citrus-based juices.
  • Rub on aloe vera gels when you feel sore and pain on your lips. This will heal the small cuts and chaps.
  • Too salty foods are a big no-no!
  • If these all won’t work with your lips, you probably have a medical concern that may need medical assistance. Hence, it is recommended for you to visit your doctor, solving your question of “why do I get chapped lips all the time”.
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