Why Is My Nose Always Red?

From embarrassment to inebriation, so many things can cause red noses. You may ask why. It could be because you have an underlying disease that dilates your blood vessels. Some people may experience the same problem because of smoking, eating spicy foods, and having excess sun exposure. Many serious illnesses can also cause nose reddening, so it makes sense to talk to your doctor, especially if you have other symptoms as well, such as thickening of the skin on the nose.

Why Is My Nose Always Red?

So many factors play a role in nose reddening. It could be due to something minor and temporary or it could happen if you are dealing with some serious issues. Here are some possible causes.

1. You Drink Too Much Alcohol

Regular intake of alcohol can make your nose look red. This is especially true for fair-skinned people. Alcohol can dilate your small blood vessels. This makes blood to accumulate and make your nose become red. Chronic alcohol can result in permanent dilation of the blood vessels. If you have been drinking alcohol for years, this may be the reason why your nose is always red.

2. You Are Suffering from Lupus

Lupus or systemic lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease that can make a butterfly-shaped rash to appear on your face. The rash usually covers your cheeks and cross the bridge of your nose. The area between the top of your lip and bottom of your nose will remain unaffected. The rash can be quite itchy and is sometimes quite raised as well.

3. You Have Rosacea

"Why is my nose always red?" You ask. It could be because you have a skin condition called rosacea. The condition affects your face and cause pustules and pimples to appear in cycles. People who have fair skin and are between the ages 30 and 60 are more likely to develop rosacea. Men with rosacea may develop enlarged oil glands in the nose that can cause a condition called rhinophyma. You may have to take oral antibiotics and topical medications to control your symptoms.

4. You Have Erysipelas

Caused by a group of A-streptococcus, this bacterial infection affects your facial skin and makes your nose look red. You will develop small breaks in your skin. Bacteria can enter your skin through these breaks and result in a hot, raised, and painful red area of skin. Some people may develop blisters on those reddened areas. Chills, fever, and malaise may also be present.

5. You Live in Cold Climate

You may have a red nose when you live in cold climate. Your nose becomes red when cold air touches your nose. Some people also develop red facial skin due to exposure to cold temperature. Simply covering your face with some soft scarf may help keep your nose from getting red.

6. You Expose Your Skin to Sun

Just like any exposure to cold temperature, exposure to heat or sun may also make your nose turn red. It is therefore important to cover your face when you go out in the sun. Simply wearing a cap would help protect your face.

7. You Have Psoriasis

Why is my nose always red? You ask. It could be psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that can make your skin cells to grow at an abnormally fast rate. This will cause patches of dead cell to build on your face, especially on your nose. You may have redness under the nose as well. The affected area may itch a lot.

8. You Have Acne Problems

Whether you have big pores or pimples, you can develop acne and it can eventually lead to nose reddening. You have to be careful when dealing with these issues and talk to your doctor to determine the best medication for your condition. Avoid scratching the pimple or it will become worse.

9. You Have Allergies

Some types of allergies can make your skin to swell up and look red as well. You need to limit your exposure to the things you are allergic to and take anti-allergy medicine to keep your symptoms in control.

Home Remedies to Try

Knowledge about what makes your nose turn red can help determine the best treatment option. Here are some home remedies to help.

1. Use Natural Oils

You can use natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil to treat your skin conditions. Not only do these oils keep your skin moisturized, they also reduce inflammation and treat infections.

Direction: Mix olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil and then apply the mixture directly to your affected area. Leave it there for a while and then wash your face with lukewarm water. This will help reduce redness and make your skin look good.

2. Try Milk Cream

Instead of asking "Why is my nose always red?" try milk cream to find some relief. Milk is good for your skin because it contains alpha hydroxy acid. Regular use may help clear dead skin cells and nourish your skin as well.

Direction: Add some rosewater to milk cream and apply it on your face. Leave this facemask on for a few minutes. Rinse it off when it feels dry.

3. Make Use of Aloe Vera Mask

With its antimicrobial properties, Aloe Vera gel helps improve your skin quality. It also has cleansing properties and heals your damaged skin as well.

Direction: Get some gel out of an Aloe Vera leaf and apply it directly on your affected skin before going to bed. Wash your face in the morning with lukewarm water. Repeat for a week to improve your condition.

4. Wear Honey Mask

Honey has antiseptic properties and keeps your skin moisturized. It also helps relieve red nose quite effectively.

Direction: Take some honey and apply it directly on your face. Wear it as a facemask and then rinse it off after 20 minutes using lukewarm water. Repeat daily for a week to see positive effects. 

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