Boobs Hurt Before Period

Many women experience a variety of issues before their menstrual period. Around 70% women have reported to experience premenstrual breast soreness. Also called cyclical mastodynia or cyclical mastalgia, the soreness is usually severe just before period and improves during or soon after the period. Yet, the severity of premenstrual breast soreness varies. Some women experience a bumpy cobblestone feel to the fingers, which is more prominent in the outer areas. Others may experience a sense of breast fullness with pain and tenderness. What can be blamed for this pain? How can you relieve such pain? Continue to find your answers.

My Boobs Hurt Before Period, Why?

Your body goes through several hormonal changes just before period. An increase in estrogen levels can lead to the enlargement of the breast ducts. Also, the amount of progesterone also increases and reaches its peak by the 21st day of a 28-day cycle. This leads to the growth of the breast lobules, which in turn causes breast swelling.

Symptoms are usually quite obvious in women when they are fertile. The breast swelling and pain is usually less common in women who are on birth control pills. Some women who are on a high-fat diet, drink too much caffeine, or have a family history of PMS often complain that their boobs hurt before period. Every woman can experience premenstrual breast tenderness at some time during their menstrual cycle. Yet, it is sometimes linked with fibrocystic breast disease so contact your doctor immediately if:

  • You notice unusual lumps in breast tissue
  • You find one-sided lumps in breast tissue
  • You know a little about performing breast self-examination
  • You are above 40 years old and have never had a mammogram
  • You notice brown or bloody discharge from your nipple
  • You find it difficult to sleep due to your symptoms

How to Relieve Breast Pain Before Period

There are actually a number of things you can try to help relieve pain and swelling.

1. Try Contraception

Different forms of contraception including the pills, rings, IUDs and the shots help control your menstrual cycle and make your breast pain more manageable. The problem is that you may start experiencing breast swelling once you stop using birth control pills.

2. Wear a Proper Bra

Not wearing a proper fitting bra may also increase your breast pain. You can now find a wide range of bra materials, typesand sizes. Be sure to try a few before you finalize a buying decision. Remember, you will always be better off going for comfort over the look of your bra.

3. Avoid Certain Foods

There are certain foods you should not eat if your boobs hurt before period. Caffeine is a big no-no, because it contains a compound called methyl xanthine that dilates your blood vessels and leads to fluid buildup in your breasts. You may also want to exclude dairy products and animal fat from your diet if you experience severe breast pain during period. Also, it is recommended to avoid salt at least a week before your period starts.

4. Eat More Veggies

Pharmaceuticals, medications, or hormones given to livestock can all affect your hormones level and lead to breast pain. Eat more vegetables, such as collard greens, spinach, broccoli, brown rice, kale and sweet potatoes to counteract breast pain and tenderness.

5. Take Vitamins and Minerals

Certain vitamins and minerals play a role in reducing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Try to eat food that contains iron, magnesium, and vitamins E, B1, D, C, and B2. Vitamin K1, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C also help reduce bloating and breast soreness. You may also eat food or take supplements containing calcium, iron, and folic acid that help absorb other vitamins and minerals.

6. Medication

Taking OTC pain relievers will also help reduce pain caused by breast tenderness. You can also take standard PMS medications such as Pamprin or Midol if your boobs hurt before period.Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Motrin, naproxen, etc., may also help reduce pain.

7. Apply Natural Progesterone Cream

If your boobs hurt before period,you may want to use some natural progesterone creams. These creams reduce water retention and alleviate pain and swelling. Taking a multi-vitamin supplement with omega3 will also help your boobs feel normal before period.

8. Do Some Massage

Slowly massaging your boobs can help you find relief for the symptom that boobs hurt before period. You also need to relax your nerves and chill out to help go through the puberty process with little stress. Spend some time with your friends, get a chick flick, or do something that you like.

9. Be Active

Doing some physical exercise regularly can improve the signs of PMS. Regular exercise can help reduce depression and also improve symptoms such as cramps, breast soreness, and fatigue.

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Can It Be a Sign of Pregnancy?

Many women whose boobs hurt before period would have the doubt that if that symptom is an early sign of pregnancy. Sore, sensitive and tingling breasts are considered early symptoms of pregnancy, because you may experience certain early pregnancy signs 3-4 weeks of your pregnancy before taking a pregnancy test. If this is due to pregnancy, your boobs will become so tender and sensitive that you will experience pain even when your clothes brush against them. The soreness usually becomes more manageable after your first semester. Try a pregnancy test if you think that your boobs hurt before period is due to pregnancy.

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